Brooklyn Designs 2010: Frameicarium's Ant Farm Art


FRAMEicariums are the brainchild of designers Katie Vitale and Hugh Hayden, and they are seriously one of the coolest pieces of affordable art I have ever seen. They are ant farms reimagined as wall art, literally living sculptures made by the hard work of the ants enclosed in them. Using repurposed frames (some with and some without paintings behind them), these framed ant farms are reusable over time – just add more ants!

Check out the video below made at Brooklyn Designs, where designer Katie Vitale explains how the ant farm art works and where she and her co-designer got this crazy-creative idea from.

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  1. What a neat and surprisingly pretty idea!
    where can I purchase one of these frameicariums?

  2. Most I can point out is, I don’t know what to express! Except certainly,

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