Glassphemy!: A Creative Recycling Center For Glass and More

Macro Sea Glassphemy! 7296_Chris Mottalini
Glass broken at Glassphemy is recycled. Image by Chris Mottalini.

David Belt, Creative Director of Macro Sea, is the man who last summer in Brooklyn conjured swimming pools out of dumpsters.

Belt and the team of creative developers at Macro Sea have brought their ingenuity to the fore again with a creative recycling center for glass and, more effusively, human aggression. The visceral energy of type-A New Yorkers invited to hurl and smash truck-loads of empty glass beer bottles from Brooklyn’s breweries make for one massive opportunity to let it all out, I mean, really let it go full-throttle!

Macro Sea Glassphemy! 7223_Chris Mottalini
Tossing the Bottles. Image by Chris Mottalini

Participants, who are invited to both hurl the glass and be under its direct line of fire, are given the chance to be on both ends of the spectrum of the cathartic glass throwdown. Inside the recycling cage—an artifice of bullet-proof glass and steel circuited with light sensors—colorful bottles whizz through the air, shatter with a glorious fanfare of noise and illumination, and then cascade into an evanescent silence and darkness like a glorious fireworks display.

Check out what goes down at Glassphemy! Video by Alicia Lubowski-Jahn.

Indeed, behind the gritty business of emotional outpouring or the shattered glass of a city street, GLASSPHEMY! reveals the astonishing beauty of fragility and breakage.

Lamps filled with glass recycled on site.

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  1. Love the concept! It looks like works of art!

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