Vampire Weekend are Kombucha Lovers!

Members of Vampire Weekend with Buchi Kombucha founders in Asheville, NC.

I am totally in love with Vampire Weekend; from their adorable mod-dapper Ivy League style (they attended Columbia University when I was at grad school there) to their fun-fun-fun Afropop tunes, these guys turn plenty of musical conventions on their head.

Being totally 21st Century, they prefer to quaff healthy kombucha drinks from Asheville’s own Buchi Kombucha rather than go the rock-god route of drunken debauchery (or if they do, they use the fermented-awesomeness powers of kombucha to cure their hangovers). The naturally fizzy low-calorie drink boosts immunity, aids digestion, and balances the system, and can be flavored or added to other juices, though I find it to be way tasty on its own.

Buchi is made with organic tea and mountain spring water and is some yummy stuff, as the boy band found out when they were visiting Asheville this spring and had a chance to try the beverage. They liked it so much, they had some shipped back to their homes. Adorable, health-conscious and their music is perfect for working out to or for go-to party tunes…..

Vampire Weekend’s video for “Cousins” from their newest album, Contra.

Thanks to Craig McAnsh for the tip!

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  1. I love Vampire Weekend. Contra is my favorite album of the summer so far.

    I love Kombucha.

    Thank you for writing about things that matter and bring a smile to my face.

    Why are you so cool?

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