EcoSalon Shops in NYC Highlights Local and International Green Designers

EcoSalon Shops- New York City 2010 from EcoSalon on Vimeo.

Check out this great recap video by Greta Eagan!

I had a great time at the first Ecosalon Shops event at Greenspaces in NYC; hosted by Editor Sara Ost and her team of fantastic writers and contributors. Designers included: H. Fredriksson, Feral Childe, Ecowrist, Doucette Duvall, Cri de Coeur, Ryann, Mission Savvy, Feisty Elle, Lara Miller, NatureVsFuture, Rebecka Froberg, RESTORE, Tara St. James’ Study
T-Luxe Lingerie and Foundfuture. (See Ecosalon’s page on the event for links to them all.)

Treehugger fashion writer Emma Grady and friend, wearing vintage Chanel and Pucci, respectively.

Fiesty Elle was just one of the many accessory designers at the Ecosalon shops event; I bought a pair of their handmade boiled wool and bamboo earrings, similar to those below.

Fiesty Elle Earrings up close.

Eco Chick Editor Starre Vartan and Ecosalon Editor Sara Ost.

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  1. Hi! Thanks so much for coming by! I’m sorry we didn’t get to catch up too much but I hope to see you next time I’m in NYC. Thanks for all of your support of eco-fashion!

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