Fairtrade Della Bags Connects Online Shoppers with the Women of HoeHoe, Ghana


Della Bags are a perfect compliment to this Summer and Autumn’s mad-plaid pattern-on-pattern trends. Well executed, with colorful, African-inspired motifs, they are quick and inexpensive anecdote to The Boring Tote, but crafted with a simple shape and strap so all the busyness is self-contained in a basic package, which is the key to working with extravagant colors and patterns.


Each bag is signed on the inside of the strap by one of the women-artisans of HoeHoe, Ghana who made it. This direct trade project enables the women who sew the bags to “gain financial independence by providing jobs, education, and skill training.” All the hobo bags (pictured here, and see more colors and patterns on the Della site) are made with vegan, sustainable, West African textiles.


About Starre Vartan
Starre Vartan is editor-in-chief of Eco-Chick.com and the author of the Eco-Chick Guide to Life.


  1. Just glanced at the Della Bags site. Their offerings are really pretty and stylish. What a great combo, looks, sustainability and empowering the people who make the goods!

  2. These Della Bags are trendy, unique, and, to top it off, eco-friendly. The perfect bag for the average empowered woman. Great find!

    Green by Design

  3. Lovely bags, I wish I could have the orange/green one! That one is vibrant with splashes of fruity colors sewn perfectly stitch by stitch.

    It’s so cool how each bag is personalized with a signature from the maker. Great article!

  4. They are beautiful handcrafted bags. I think it’s extra wonderful that they are eco friendly and support fair trade. It’s a nice touch that each bag is personalized with signature from it’s maker, because the each bag with it’s vibrant colors and unique patterns are reasonably priced, practical, wearable pieces of Art.

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