NaturevsFuture's Autumn, 2010 Collection: Sustainable Modern Classics

NatureVsFuture from water&power on Vimeo.

Nina Valenti’s been designing eco fashion longer than most people have even known what the phrase meant. Her line, NaturevsFuture, debuted in Spring, 2002, and her iconic details have been staples of the eco fashon scene for years, landing her coverage in major fashion press. Her cutout dress is currently included in the FIT exhibit, “Eco Fashion: Going Green” through November, 2010.

What works about Nina’s pieces is that they are timeless and yet never look boring or old-fashioned. Her Autumn, 2010 line is filled with her characteristic angled plackets and hems and variable necklines, and utilizes hemp, organic cotton, flax, and surplus wool: Jackets and tunics, pictured here, are particularly strong standouts, but her skirts and blouses are always office-appropriate, and interesting to boot.

Natural hemp/organic cotton/ramie/flax textured coat w/ angled button front & High funnel collar

Nina hails from Brooklyn, and all her designs are made in NYC, reducing the carbon and energy footprints of her designs, and giving her step-by-step control over quality. I own three of her pieces; a pair of geometric-detailed long shorts, a hemp jacket in always au courant olive khaki and an organic linen dress that’s perfect for summer garden parties. All of these pieces have worn exceptionally well and seem to get better over time.

Charcoal hemp/organic cotton yarndyed angled zip up jacket

“The more we advance the more we need to consider nature before we deplete it. In this tension to find balance is the living energy of the collection and hence the name.” says Valenti, explaining how she came up with NaturevsFuture.

Chocolate surplus wool w/ silk lining double breasted swerve coat and 2 Tea hemp/organic cotton draped neck tunic top

Currently, NaturevsFuture’s online shop features summer’s designs, but Fall will be available very soon!

Charcoal organic cotton/organic wool button waist detail funnel collar tunic top

All photography by Yucel Eroogan.
Video by Rob Perri.

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  3. I love this article! It is so intriguing, keep writing more like this!

  4. I love these classic fashions, and I love them even more knowing they’re eco-friendly. I review eco-friendly beauty and fashion for a blog called BeautyXpose, and it’s great to see environmentally-conscious yet beautiful, functional products.

  5. I had never realised that there was such stylish eco friendly clothing available. Some of this stuff is fabulous!

  6. love love LOVE nvf – it’s hard for me not to take 1 of evrey style when an order arrives at my shop. ninA is a master when it comes to jackets/coats – and everything else.

  7. No eco-friendly fashion I’ve seen before compares to these pictures. Bravo!

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