Eco Chick Giveaway: Pamper yourself with a Spa Night from Pure Habitat

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Amy Ludwigson lives green and wants to share it with the world. To that end, she founded a resourceful new site, Pure Habitat. “I just launched Pure Habitat as a way to make it easier to shop from all the amazing companies that are committed to making the world a better place. From organic personal care products to eco jewelry and home décor we have everything you need to live consciously,” says Amy.

To celebrate Pure Habitat‘s launch, one lucky Eco Chick reader will a set of Amy’s favorite home spa goods from the site!

And EVERYONE can get 10% off their next purchase using the code ecochick2010 when you order.

To win: Leave a comment on something that makes you absolutely happy. When you fill in the comment field, it will ask for you email address. This is the address I will use to contact the winner, so use a real email.

Deets and Promises: Eco Chick does not sell, lease or lend any email addresses we collect. There will be one winner of the spa package. Giveaway ends Monday, Septmber 20th at Midnight EST. Good luck!

The Giveaway:

arghand massage oil
Amadine Oil from Arghand:

This oil is beautiful in the bath or for massage. It is handcrafted in Afghanistan by a coop that is helping to liberate people from their dependence on opium. All ingredients are pure and sourced from fruits and botanicals around Kandahar.

buddha nose salts
Girl Bath Salts by Buddha Nose:

This product is one of the items I would take if I were going be stranded on a deserted island. I love it that much. It soothes the mind and the best part – the salts really do help ease cramping. It’s seriously amazing.

PeaceKeeper Natural Nail Polish:

This nail polish has been rated by the Environmental Working Group as one of the safest natural nail polishes on the market. They give all their after tax profits to women’s health advocacy and urgent human rights issues.

nailpolish remover
PeaceKeeper Eco-Easy Vegan Nail Polish Remover:

You are going to have to take your eco nail polish off eventually. It works amazingly well and is so much better for you then your typical nail polish remover.

dirt candle
Take it Easy Organic Soy Candle by Dirt Candles:

This candle is from the purest soy candle company that I have ever found. They use GMO-free, organic, US farmed soy wax and are scented with organic essential oils, natural isolates, floral absolutes, natural exudates and resins. This candle smells of Bulgarian and English lavenders with Mexican and Madagascar vanillas.

About Starre Vartan
Starre Vartan is editor-in-chief of and the author of the Eco-Chick Guide to Life.


  1. Photographing my nephew Alex.

  2. Kevan Christine says:

    Using reusable bags. I feel really good every time I leave a store knowing that I wont be contributing any plastic bags to the world.
    It’s the little things that make a big difference.

  3. dining al fresco with all the people I love

  4. Shavasana in the early morning! Nothing beats early morning yoga. 🙂

  5. Taking a bubble bath at the end of a stressful day makes me happy!

  6. Margaret Stearns says:

    I loved the Peace Keeper nail polish! It was such a great polish and the color was gorgeous!

  7. How excited my dog is when I come home from work every day.

  8. a smile from an old friend

  9. love baking with my young daughter. actually I still have fond memories when I did this with my mother.

  10. Using anything that is totally organic. I feel absolutely happy about not adding to the pollution of the earth.

  11. One thing that makes me absolutely happy: Sunshine. A few moments of sunshine on my skin makes me feel like everything is going to just be alright. 🙂

  12. Waking up everyday knowing that I am a child of God.

  13. my best friends, a glass of wine, and a beautiful night on my rooftop deck

  14. playing with my nephews and niece… true bliss!

  15. Running outside and watching the sun rise/set!

  16. Really looking at something beautiful in nature, savouring the visual and the feeling it gives in the moment and then recalling it before sleep.

  17. walking on a deserted beach and seeing a seal pop its head out of the water

  18. My family make me the happiest girl in the whole wide world, especially my kiddos!

  19. I can be happy with just a full, 8 hours of sleep at night!

  20. Creating my own happiness daily by designing & launching eco-vogue clothing with my mom, being a voice that changes the future of fashion & at the same time giving birth to my first child with a man I love and a midwife by my side. Life is a beautiful process.

  21. kind of morbid, but taking care of hospice patients and their families makes me feel very fulfilled, soothing, and useful, and that makes me absolutely happy.

  22. Being with my family, playing with my son all day is the true happiness!

  23. What makes me absolutely happy? Walking across the street to the white sugar sand beach, soaking up the sun while reading a good book and watching the beautiful Gulf waters lap up on the shore.

    ewhatley at embarqmail dot com

  24. Travelling. Plane, train or automobile, it fills me with a sense of freedom and happiness…

  25. Paula Frishman says:

    A hot bath…

  26. Listening to music and opening up my arms and inviting the vibrations to re-fresh me!

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