Video: Olivia Zaleski Covers the Clinton Global Initiative

CEO of Avon, Andrea Jung & Olivia Zaleski
Olivia interviews the CEO of Avon, Andrea Jung at the Clinton Global Inititiative

The Clinton Global Initiative was begun in 2005 by former President Bill Clinton in order to “…help turn good intentions into real actions and results.” Focusing on finding solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, the nonpartisan organization holds a yearly conference to discuss, highlight and take steps to solve the top issues of the day. Naturally, as the conference has grown, so have acknowledgement and inclusion of environmental issues.

Olivia Zaleski Jeff Swartz
Olivia speaks with Jeff Swartz, CEO of Timberland

Oliva says of the experience:

“Attending CGI is a great highlight in my career thus far. I feel incredibly inspired. Up next, attending not just as a member of the press, but as a commitment maker, contributing to an innovative solution to a great global need . . . someday!”

Former Eco Chick contributor and CNN/Fortune Green Business correspondent Olivia Zaleski was on hand to check out the CGI and fills us in on what went down.

Olivia Zaleski reports from inside the Clinton Global Initiative, where global leaders are gathered to create practical solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues through the development of specific and measurable commitments to action.

In their second video report from the Clinton Global Initiative, correspondent Olivia Zaleski and filmmaker Gabriel London show us how public and private power is being applied, in the form of specific and measurable commitments, to help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

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  1. “Olivia interviews the CEO of Avon, Andrea Jung at the Clinton Global Inititiative.” I wonder if Olivia Zaleski asked Andrea Jung how she can justify being the recepticle of an award for her work raising countless millions for cancer research while at the same time, only paying lip service to all the cancer causing ingredients in the formulation of her cosmetics.

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