TOMS Wedges: Now Perfect for Autumn Too


If you regularly ready Eco Chick, you know that I’m a huge fan of TOMS shoes, the company famous for the ‘buy a pair and a child in need gets a pair of shoes too’ (they recently dropped their millionth pair!).

Their program is called One for One and it’s a simple idea that makes a tremendous difference for the kids who aren’t able to go to school unless they are wearing shoes. Shoes also protect kids in developing countries from getting soil-transmitted diseases, or cuts or sores on their feet.

The new wedges are available in (my fave) ash, cranberry, and black for $69, and unlike the summer styles, have a fabric-covered wedge instead of an espadrille style, making this version perfect for Autumn and Spring.

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  1. i have to admit i don’t own a pair of toms yet. i just wasn’t into the flats, and although i loved the wrap boots they came out with i never got around to buying a pair. if they keep pumping out socially and ethically responsible shoes with better and better styling like this wedge, i will soon be a very loyal tom fanatic!

  2. I’ve been dressing for comfort for the last couple years, and have been wanting to start dressing comfortable AND cute. When I these wedges I thought: “wow now I can get rid of my grandma shoes…and be cute and comfy”.

  3. I just bought my first pair of the TOM’s classics in ash and aboslutely adore them. Can’t wait to get the wedges, too!

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