Eco Chick Giveaway: Cozy Scarf by Nepali TDM Design

Milli Wavy Square Black Forest Cheeky Pink

The weather has been bitter in the morning this week and a scarf is a perfect add-on to keep warm. Collections of scarves are abundant in boutiques, however a dud scarf can break an otherwise chic outfit. Scarves should tie an outfit together. Bright scarves add a pop of color to a more subdued outfit, whereas a brown or black scarf tones down color. How to choose the right one? The best solution is to have a couple to choose from depending on your ensemble for the day.

Of course an eco-chick must have an adorable eco-conscious scarf, like these from TDM Design.  The Nepali collection is a perfect solution for some eco-chic warmth.

Milli Shelly Cream Black

Nepali began when the cofounder Michele Baldwin began to draw inspiration on her frequent trips to Nepal. She loved the vibrant colors and the natural fibers that the weavers used. Nepali was launched in 2007 and creates cute and sustainable scarves woven in Nepal. TDM Design works directly with women’s cottage industries in Nepal to support both women weavers and women’s craftsmanship.

Nepali TDM Design provides the women of Nepal with a sustainable income with above market compensation, education, and health care benefits. This helps foster the women’s future and allows them to generate a consistent income. Design also puts their weavers’ children through school and provides significant health care services. These opportunities allow both these women and their families to become more stabilized.

Design provides these women not just with the first steps to overcome impoverishment, but ensures the chances that the next generation of Nepalese women will have a stabilized income and be better off to care for their families. It changes their future. (How cool!)

The handmade scarves are composed of natural materials like silk, bamboo, modal, cashmere, wool, and azo-free dies.

Milli Rolling Pebbles Taupe Heart of Night

The scarves are hip and beautiful with hundreds of different patterns and colors. These patterns include the new animal print, which embodies one of the biggest trends of the season. The vibrant color options allow the scarves to be mixed and matched with business attire to weekend casual.

To win: You have the chance to win one of these gorgeous scarves. How? In 200 words or less tell Eco-Chick how you like to wear your scarf and you could win one!

Submit with a valid email address (so we can contact you if you win!) in the comment field below.

Deets: Eco Chick does not sell or lend email addresses we collect. One reader will win the scarf.  Entrants must be 18 or older and located in the US or Canada. Submissions will be collected until November 1stth at midnight eastern standard time. Good luck!

Disclaimer: The prize was provided by Nepali TDM Design, but Design is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Nepali TDM Design.

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  1. I’ve always got a scarf with me or on me every day of the week. I love wearing them wrapped around my neck when it’s cold, or stylishly draped around my head to keep me warm in the cold winter months. Nothing makes me feel more like a girlie-girl than a adorning myself with a beautiful scarf!

  2. I wear a lot of black, so I like wearing scarves to add a pop of color to an outfit.

  3. How cute!! If I won, I’d wear it as much as I could when it starts getting cold. In Houston, there is hardly such a thing as fall, but eventually it does start to get a little fresh outside. One of these would be so fun to wear with this cute white shirt I bought last weekend, a pair of skinny jeans, and my favorite pair of flats!

  4. I’m a grad student, and I walk from my teeny-tiny apartment to campus. Scarves are key for staying warm, but not overheating on the uphill hike — and help me make a go of at least appearing sort of fashionable to my ten-years-younger students!(I like to loosely wrap them around my neck twice and tuck the ends in.) I’d love to add one of these scarves to my wardrobe!

  5. It is very tricky for me to wear scarves. No, it is not because I live in Memphis, TN and the weather makes scarves obsolete. In fact, the right scarf may just make a sun-dress that much sunnier. It is because I am the Mom of a very fancy two year old named Violet. Violet, who even going potty, needs a wand and high heels. It is in Violet’s dressup box where most of my lovliest scarves end up. So, to answer the question, I wear my scarf snug around my neck and far away from the dressup box.

  6. I can’t stand the cold but I love wearing scarves! I don’t have a car, so I either ride my bike or my scooter to get around. So since the weather has been getting cooler and cooler, I can’t go out without a scarf. I like to fold the scarf in half, wrap it around my neck, and pull the loose ends through the loop. Then I will usually stuff the end into my jacket. And if i’m on my scooter, I like to tuck some of the fabric up in my helmet between my chin and helmet so my chin doesn’t freeze! They are definitely a necessity for me in the colder months. I also love to use them as head wraps or headbands. They are a great accessory!

  7. I like to wear my scarf loose around my neck, but doubled around once… That way I have the warmth of it against my chest and collarbone without being strangled! These scarves are gorgeous! I’d love to get decked out in one! 😀

  8. The question isn’t how I’d wear the scarf, but rather, where. I’m currently student teaching in English as a Second Language and the majority of my students are Nepali refugees. I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to incorporate the students’ culture and identity into the classroom and my lessons. I know that my students would love to use the scarf with its bright colors and cultural ties to Nepal as a conversation point! I can hear their exclamations of “Miss! That’s from Nepal?” now.
    Plus, on a more practical note, I live in Rochester, NY and I need something to keep my neck warm while brushing snow of my car this winter!

  9. I love scarves in fall & winter! Sometimes I’ll knot them in front if it’s really cold or if it’s a lightweight scarf. If it isn’t frigid outside, I’ll loop it around my neck loosely just once. That way I can always tighten the loop a bit if it gets colder, but I’m not uncomfortably warm if it doesn’t. I agree that these scarves are beautiful!

  10. If the scarf is big enough, I like to just hang it around my neck, no wrapping. I just like the aesthetic of the flowy texture of adding a scarf to, say, an open jacket, for example.
    Or if the scarf is super super big, I sometimes get creative and wear a plain tshirt then take the scarf and tie it every which way around my body, acting as an additional layer of clothing. I think, with the right combination, it can have a really funky feel to it!

  11. I like to wear my scarf around my neck, hanging in the back. I also use them alot in my hair during the summer months!

  12. I adore scarves and wear one almost everyday. Depending on the scarf, I wear them many ways. I love to loosely loop them around neck or tie them intricately.

  13. I wear my brightly-colored scarves proudly,
    draped around my shoulders.
    I wear my scarves my way,
    mostly in honor of my Iranian heritage.
    I wear my scarves with the knowledge that I am free!
    I am free to wear my scarves however I please,
    with my hair blessedly kissing the wind,
    my eyes winged with liner and shadow,
    shining gratitude at my surroundings,
    my smile always a safety center for downcast eyes that need a simple reminder to look up!
    I wear my scarves for Neda.
    I wear my scarves for my mother, sister, cousins…

    I wear my scarves for everyone, for me.

  14. Scarves are such an essential part of my wardrobe! Between my mum, sister and I, we have quite a collection going on (to the dismay of my father, the sole male of the household). Being from Ottawa, Canada, it gets QUITE cold and keeping that little bit of neck showing is key.
    As for fashion, I wear my scarves loosely wrapped around once with the ends hanging, just hanging from my neck or doubled and knotted. I always go for bright and bulky scarves to add some dimension to an outfit. My favourite one right now is a bright orange pashmina, the perfect marriage of coziness and a pop of colour! Oh and a perfect fall colour 🙂

  15. This scarves look very fashion and easy to wear. In more they have a lot of choice.

  16. i would like to wear it exactly as in above pictures–beautiful!

  17. A stylish, lightweight scarf has become a staple of my mommy wardrobe. I love them because I can wear them with a thin cotton top or a sweater, and leave them on when I take my coat off. They’re great for a casual day, or a dinner out. I loop them around my neck so they won’t fall off and usually don’t take them off until it’s time for bed!

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