Maggie Bags Are Rainbow-Bright Fantastic


I’ll admit it; after five years of running this blog, I have seen my share of “good intention, ugly design.” Just because something is made from an upcycled/recycled material does NOT make it beautiful, or even funky/cool-in-downtown-Indy-way. When I first heard about Maggie Bags, I was concerned about such a situation. Because as much as it’s important to reuse materials, it’s also REALLY important that eco pieces look superextrafantastic so nobody can complain that green stuff sucks. (Yeah, it’s kinda like when I was the only girl in my college physics lab and I had to make extra-sure I didn’t make stupid mistakes, even though the guys made them routinely. Sucks, but it’s true.)


Point being that Maggie Bags are no such thing, because even if I had no idea that they were made from unused seatbelt material (when car companies reject material for any number of reasons, this super-tough stuff ends up in the dump), I would need one in my life. I mean, look at it. And ever since I got mine, have I been using it!


For hauling heavy stuff, it can’t be beat, and the extra-large size of my Tote of Many Colors (the version featured here) means I can take it ALL with me, if need be. And I feel like Miss Bright herself while I’m doing it. Most big bags are ugly. This one’s not, gorgeous and proud of her colorful horizontal stripes. LOVE.


You can buy your very own Rainbow Bright Maggie Bag here!

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  1. Way colorful, cool and recycled! Thanks for sharing, Starre. And it was so nice to meet you last week at the 30 Under 30 Event!
    -Deb for Ecover

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