Amanda Seyfried Loves the Eco Casual Sanuks!

Amanda Seyfried 2crop

Amanda Seyfried is a Red Carpet-walkin’ actress. In the last few years she has captivated Hollywood in such beautiful films as Mama Mia and Letters to Juliet, not to mentions playing the defiant eldest daughter on HBO’s show about polygamy-with-a-heart, Big Love. She doesn’t let the intensity of public scrutiny get to her. She’s been seen running about doing errands in these low-key Sanuks for the last few weeks.

Now you can borrow a little style from Seyfried. The June Bug Sanuks are not just lightweight but are very flexible. The shoe is both vegan and vegetarian, and some styles are made from hemp, while others are made from recycled yoga mats! The June Bug (like Amanda wears here) comes in various colors like green, red, blue, houndstooth, and brown. The shoes retail for $45 and work beautifully for errands or a hike with a sweet doggie friend.

Amanda Seyfriedcrop

June Bugs would look adorable with a little dress like this from the forties era. Match ’em with little socks and some slacks in the winter, or something short and sweet for warmer temps (they are coming!).


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  1. Great tips, and great shoes! I’ll have to look for these and my old walking shoes are completely done-in. Thanks for the eco-friendly fashion!

  2. super cute. she’s just an eco-friendly fashion beauty queen!

  3. LOVE that t-shirt. it’s super cute : )

    great blog, by the way. will definitely stop by again soon!

  4. Thanks Cailen, glad you’re loving the blog! Do come back soon. Jen, the shoes are a great edition to a sustainable wardrobe, and are very comfortable. I completely agree Judy, she is adorable.

  5. She also loves taxidermy we just found out. She’s got stuffed animals all over her house, including an entire horse!

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