How I Wear Eco Fashion: Vegan Gal Whitney Lauritsen


Whitney Lauritsen runs Eco-Vegan Gal where she videoblogs and writes about sustainability and health, and how that ties in with veganism, natch. “I spend my days finding new ways to reduce my impact on the planet and become healthier, which usually comes down to living simply,” says Whitney. She shops almost exclusively at second-hand clothing stores or clothing swaps; “I have no excuse with all the amazing recycled fashion in L.A.!” she says. She also swears by tailoring and repair of old clothes. “Why buy something new when something old can be repaired?”

“In this photo I’m wearing a dress from a company called Taxi CDC, a company based in L.A. that redesigns and reconstructs vintage materials into cool new styles. My makeup is Urban Decay’s Vegan Palette, my nail polish is by No Miss, and my hair was styled with the BarBar ECO-8000. This is a great dress for casual yet cute occasions; I’ve worn it to summer parties and while walking around in the South of France,” says Whitney.


I asked Whitney to share her fave vegan shoes, since that’s an area that plenty of us find challenging to keep animal-free. Whitney filled us in:
– The gold pair are Loeffler Randalls and are “man made” and not very eco friendly except aside from being from a second hand, but they look cute with the blue dress (above).


– The dark pair are by Vegetarian Shoes and I got them from a clothing swap. I wear them almost everyday and they are incredibly comfortable. They look really cute with jeans!

Check out Whitney’s site, Eco Vegan Gal here, and you can follow her on Twitter here.

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  1. Very cool style! Aren’t thrift stores awesome? I too shop almost exclusively at second-hand stores and thrift shops. You get great bargains on unique items, plus you’re doing something good (which always feels terrific!).

    Peace. 😉

  2. You look GREAT Whitney!! I LOVE clothing swaps – I find really great pieces that end up being essentials in my wardrobe. Its also a great way to build community and friendship.

  3. Hey Whitney,

    I have the same brown vegetarian shoes. Best gift ever from a beau. Really showed he knew who I was and what I liked!!!

    Taryn –

  4. OMG, did you get the brown shoes at a clothing swap in Los Angeles? I think those were mine. That is so awesome!!!

    If not, they are so comfy. They used to be my favorite pair because my hubby gave them to me for my first Christmas and it meant so much that he totally “got me”.

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