How I Wear Eco Fashion: Yuka Yoneda, Design Editor and (Former) Shopaholic!


Yuka is an editor at and, and she’s always on the lookout to spot the latest innovations in sustainable design. And whenever I’ve seen her, she’s always managed to look fabulous, so I’m so excited she decided to share her style with Eco Chick!

Above, she wears a refashioned mesh-back tank made from an old silk Chanel scarf from Clossette with her own dark blue skinny jeans. On her feet she’s wearing, “My favorite clear pink sparkly jelly Vivienne Westwood + Melissa peep-toes from Kaight. They’re like Cinderella’s glass slippers except much more comfy!” She accessorizes with a silky grey perfumed tassel necklace from Clossette.


Says Yuka, “I’m looking at my feet because I’m kind of shy lately. I’m so busy writing and sewing that I haven’t been out of my house much. As you can see here, I’m hanging out with my homegirl Manny Quinn and trying to come up with more ideas for revamped fashion. It’s such an empowering feeling to be able to take a piece of clothing you abhor and turn it into something you adore – I’m hooked on that high and I think it’s a drug everyone should try.”


And Yuka reveals what’s behind the scarf-to-shirt upcycling project and her site, Clossette: “What you may not know about me is that I’m a former shopaholic and as part of my road to recovery, I recently started up an online boutique where I open up my own closet to people who want to snag designer dresses, tops, bags and shoes (a particular weakness of mine – if you don’t believe me, ask Kaight) for pretty killer prices. The site is called Clossette and for this month and next, I’ll be donating 100% of sales to my people in Japan.


So if you’re going to donate anyway, why not score some cool vintage, secondhand or refashioned clothes while you’re at it?

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  1. I was reading this article about a green bra brought to the market by Marks and Spencers in the UK. I love the idea! With the wedding dress speculation for Kate Middleton heating up, a missed opportunity if she doesn’t go green (in addition to her white dress) at least with her lingerie. I am sure we will never know these facts but the idea would be lovely!

    Credit where credit is due. Found the article here:

  2. When not writing, blogging, or researching her next book, she is trailrunning, trying to cook, or snowboarding.

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