A Delicious Vegan BLT Recipe!

This is my version of my grandma’s traditional BLT.

When I was growing up, my grandma cooked breakfast and dinner pretty much every day, and made my school lunches too. She was a great cook, and having grown up during the Great Depression, was never into waste; almost no food went uneaten in our household. Chicken bones became soup base, uneaten dinner rice turned into rice pudding, and extra bacon became BLT’s, usually on homemade bread, with plenty of mayo, superthick slices of tomato, and probably too much lettuce.

I’ve been vegetarian since I was 16 and my grandmother passed away over a decade ago, but I just recently I finally figured out how to make a faux-BLT that’s almost like hers! The key is Morningstar Farms bacon strips, which cooks up just like the stuff from pigs (including the amazing smell, minus the slaughter of an animal as smart as your dog!). And since it isn’t made from meat, there’s only 30 calories per strip.

To Make:
I like to use four strips of the fakin’ bacon per serving
Toasted French Bread
Vegan Mayo
thick cut, ripe Tomato
crunchy, still-cold lettuce

After toasting the bread just a bit, slather with mayo, and layer the tomatoes first, then add the lettuce in the middle, and the hot bacon on the other side. Easy, fun and delicious!

Even with all those ingredients, this sandwich is only about 450 calories, max!

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  1. FYI, Morningstar Farms bacon isn’t vegan; it has milk and eggs in it.

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