A Few of my Favorite (Hemp) Fashioney Things!

I just found out that it’s the second annual Hemp Appreciation Week and so I was inspired to put together a post of some gorgeous dresses and things. Why is hemp so great (and much maligned, unfairly)? Check out this piece on Greenwala for details or read through the Wikipedia page on the plant – if you are at all into history, it’s a fascinating story.


The Mr. Larkin Juvie jumpsuit is made from a hemp/cotton mix and the grey version is dyed with Japanese maple leaves.


This Summercloth dress fits in perfectly with this summer’s bold colors trend, which Haley just wrote about. Made by hand in Portland, Oregon of 100% hemp, it is bright and breezy, the kind of dress you can wear for a midsummer’s stroll through the woods and not worry too much about. (Available on sale at Kaight).


The Patagonia Women’s Summertime Dress is only $79 and is made from a 55% hemp/45% organic cotton mix. Love the gathered neckline and modest length.


Made in NYC, this Feral Childe Fornasettil Pinafore dress (available at Kaight) reminds me of what we might wear in the future if it were in the past. Or maybe what we thought the future would be like when we were in the past. It must be the asymmetrical hemline and the neckline with the loverly buttons. Plus, it looks way comfy. A hemp/cotton mix.

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  1. Love these! When most people thing of hemp fabric (including me) they think of tan, heavy, scratchy fabric worn only by hippies. These are so soft looking and fashion forward, showing the true potential as hemp as a universal, fashionable fabric. I may have to go get the Patagonia dress. And, I love the Feral Childe Fornasettil Pinafore dress, although I may have to lose a few pounds before it would look good on me.

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