Starre Gets New Glasses! My Eco Friendly Amy Sacks Frames

Moments after putting on my new glasses, I had to take a picture right in the middle of 14th St.

OK, literally, no joke, it was August, 2006 when I last got new glasses. How crazy is that? Right before I started that new chapter in my life, I got fab new clear/orange frames at my optometrist in Connecticut. I wore them to death, literally. And the last year has been a sloooooow move into the next part of my personal story. (Nothing dramatic people, just so many wonderful internal changes, questions (inquisitions!) and work towards what REALLY matters to me). Point being – NEW glasses that look nothing like the old! Totally necessary!

I LOVE to wear glasses and have always had the idea that it would be fun to have a “Wardrobe of Spectacles”. Well, I’m on my way, sustainably of course! (And one of the nice things about getting a bit older is that my eyes aren’t getting any worse, so I know I will keep them for years.)

In my home office!

My first pair are Amy Sacks’ Masa frames, with arms made from bamboo, in the coolest deep Caribbean green color. The mostly bamboo frame (the fronts that hold the lenses are acetate) is light and I like the feel of wood against my temples, though I’ll have to keep my kitty from chewing on them (she loves to do that for some reason).

I had them filled at New York’s iconic and local eyecare specialists Moscot (BEST logo ever! Check out how designed out their site is – their stores are similarly old fashioned-ey), a family biz which has been around almost 100 years. Their salespeople knew what they were doing, were fabulously speedy, and generally just awesome. I brought them these frames to fill, but they have so incredible house-designed frames I am totally lusting after.

Hope you like the new ones as much as I do!!

Next up, Warby Parker, who do a one-for-one eyeglasses program. Some giant black granny ones I’m thinking…..

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