Shannon South Remade Bags: Clutches, Totes and Duffels Crafted from Preloved Leather


Shannon South’s Remade in the USA bags are bits of handmade gorgeousness. Crafted from upcycled leather jackets, each is uniquely beautiful in only the way handcrafted things can be. I’m a fan of the larger bags, but there are smaller purses and clutches too.


And how pleased was I to stumble across this site and find my friend, the luminous Johanna Bjork of Goodlifer modeling in the slideshow and making the bags look even prettier? Go to the site to see what I mean. LOVE. (That’s her above!)


From the Shannon South site:

One of the most interesting aspects about repurposing a used material is the fact that it had a whole other life before it landed in Shannon’s hands.

Customers often share stories, when they send a leather jacket that belonged to a loved one or that they got on a trip abroad. Sentimentally valuable objects are hard for people to get rid of. A leather jacket may have been worn daily for ten years or a doily might have taken twenty hours to crochet by someone’s grandmother.

The inherent beauty of these histories adds a whole new and deeper layer of value to an object. Giving an object new form and purpose honors its previous life, extends its story and is what makes her work worthwhile and always interesting.


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  1. I love this concept!! I definitely want one of these purses. It’s interesting that the bags are recycled leather. Very trendy and modern.

  2. this bag is really shining, which do can make women look beautiful and fashionable.

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