Assembly New York's First Women's Collection: Sustainably Slouchy

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I’m not a pants-lover; I find most of them to be terribly uncomfortable and not at all flattering on a woman’s body (pants work best on ladies who are more guy-shaped).


White wool wide trouser, alpaca sweater.

But I had to take pause when I saw all the giant slouchy pants that were a part of Assembly New York‘s first women’s collection. I could wear those with a snug top and high heels….


Unfinished edges lend this blouse a wistful energy.

I headed downtown to hit this show early in fashion week, and while materials used weren’t 100% sustainable, (it was a mix of organic hand-dyed denims, alpaca yarns, rayon gabardines, and herringbone tweeds), I’m guessing that the company is dipping its toes in and (hopefully) realizing how beautiful earth-friendly can be.


Alpaca turtleneck with alpaca scarf.

Oh, and you’ve got to love the collection’s inspirations, which were: “Santa Fe crosses Amazon, Future Primitive Inclinations and Intelligence over Youth.” (!!) I’m looking forward to more.


Terracotta-dyed denim split skirt.


Alpaca scarf and grey rib jersey pleated dress.


(Left) Terracotta organic denim over dye coat, black sleeveless mini dress, Aesa copper pendant. (Right) Black combo mini dress, black rib long stockings, black Moretti hat, copper Aesa cuff.

All images by Starre Vartan.

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