Gretchen Jones at NYFW: Geologically Inspired

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Gretchen Jones never fails to impress – her design aesthetic moves beyond her clothes and into her always thought-provoking presentations.


Obsidian Gown.

This season’s theme was deserts, geodes and crystals. With pieces named after minerals, and the floor designed with a hand-lain sand mandala, the impression was one of old earth, crystal lattice structures out of a geology textbook, and the infinite color and myriad glimmer imparted by the earth’s bedrock.

And like real stones, some textures with complicated and rough, and others were smooth; all had a visual weight to them that remained in the mind’s eye long after the lights went up.

Vintage Southwestern jewelry by Ruby+George in oversized shapes complemented the dresses, blouses and trousers, and soft, face-shadowing hats from Little Doe nodded at a vintage movie influence.

While immediate details of fabrics used are not available, the former Project Runway winner’s collections are are made fairly in NYC and she is known for using natural and sustainable fabrics.


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