Green Beauty Goodness to Celebrate Spring, St. Patrick's Day, or Just Being Fabulously Green!

Editor’s Note: Eco Chick welcomes Brandie Gilliam, editor of Organic Beauty Talk, as a regular contributor to our site! Welcome Brandie, and we look forward to your posts!

With mint and kelly green as some of the hottest colors for Spring 2012 (as well as thinking of St. Patrick’s Day next week), I decided to round up some of my green eco favorites in beauty and fashion.

From green bangles made in Kenya of recycled Ankole cow horn and recycled brass wire to Green Apple Body Cream and Leprechaun natural nail polish, I hope this list inspires you as much as it does me to get out there and go green…literally!

  1. Lina Rennell Jade on Jade Medium Check Print Sweatshirt Blouse (silk & organic cotton knit), $270
  2. Foundling Lucky Silver Necklace, $64
  3. Kora Jade Green Wide Polychrome Ruma Bangles (set of 3), $165
  4. Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia Soy Home Candle, $6-$22
  5. Tsi-La Saqui Organic Eau De Parfum Mini, $44
  6. Reuse Green Skinny Jeans, $95
  7. Alima Pure Oceana Luminous Shimmer Mineral Eyeshadow, $11
  8. 100% Pure Green Apple Nourishing Body Cream & Key Lime Mint Handwash, $15 & $11
  9. Threads for Thought Seychelles Green Anna’s Lace Top, $54
  10. Zoya Bevin Sage Green Nail Polish (True Collection), $8
  11. Scotch Naturals Leprechaun Lynch WaterColors Nail Polish (cool mint green), $14.99
  12. Suncoat Jade Green Sugar-Based Natural Liquid Eyeliner, $16.99


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  1. That Scotch nail polish is divine. I love that mint green color. It reminds me of Creme de Menthe.

  2. Thanks Starre! So excited to be a part of Eco-Chick and looking forward to more posts. Go green!

  3. You, Eco-chick, rock! I love your blog so much. I love being green and caring about the nature. I would to smell Tsi-La Saqui Organic Eau De Parfum… Um…

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