Do Good, Look Great, with Roozt's Perfect (Green) Summer Must-Haves


Guest post by Amy Rasplicka. is on a mission to find the coolest, sexiest cause-related brands with the most inspiring stories attached. In a phrase, we are “bringing sexy back to giving back”. Below are a few of our favorite eco-friendly brands perfect for your summer getaway.

Save some space in your suitcase this summer with Harvest Blue’s Nami Convertible Dress, which you can wear as a dress or a skirt! Harvest Blue donates 1% of total sales or 10% of profit (whichever is larger!), to environmental organizations such as American Forests and The Blue Project.

rProof Wood Eyewear Sunglasses

Of course you have to protect your eyes on all your summer travels! These sleek and stylish sunglasses from Proof Wood Eyewear are made from sustainable wood, and a portion of your sale goes to sight giving surgery in India.

Need a casual, versatile top for your trip? The Multeepurpose “Tree Frog Handkerchief” works as either a top or a swimsuit cover-up. Sales from Multeepurpose’s products aid in conservation programs and help provide medication for children in need and clean water in underdeveloped countries.

rYellow Leaf Hammock

Create your own getaway on the beach (or your own backyard) with a Yellow Leaf Queen Hammock. Yellow Leaf packages these handwoven hammocks in totes made from repurposed parachute fabric!

rTuita USA Eco Backpack

Headed off the beaten path this summer? Or just want a fun new bag for the office? Check out the Tuita USA Eco Backpack. This versatile backpack is made from recycled truck tarpaulins, is chemical free and vegan, and was made without child labor or animal testing.

rMulteepurpose Tree Frog Handkerchief

Like these products and cause-oriented brands? Find many more like them on our site,Roozt.

Eco Chick readers can enjoy 20% of anything (can’t be used towards shipping or combined with other offers/coupons), by using the code ECOCHICK at checkout. Happy Summer Shopping!

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  1. Love the Proof Wood Eyewear and I need new sun glasses! My favorite eco fashion accessory this summer is a cork handbag. I think cork is such a cool, sustainable material and I hope more people will discover its beauty and durability.

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