Ekyog: France's Eco Fashion Secret is Out!

The Louane dress is made from 100% organic cotton and is dyed (it comes in red too), with low-impact dyes.

When I was in Paris last year meeting up with my dad and stepmom, we all stayed in the Marais district. And for four days I pretty much didn’t leave – the sweet shop-lined, cobblestone streets, the size petite cafes and laid-back vibe (and the cheese shops!) were just….perfect.

So I thought I had wandered into heaven when on top of all the lovely food and picturesque walks, I found an Ekyog boutique (it’s one of many in France), which sold beautifully made, perfectly French, gloriously green clothing.

And yes, they are available online; check out some of my picks from their current lineup – perfect for putting a little Parisian style into your summer. (And right now, it’s all on sale!)

J’adore the pieces in the “Metamorphose” line; they can all be worn multiple ways, like this organic cotton Cocoon striped fabulousness.

The Louna skirt is 100% silk and adheres to Oeko-Tex and GOTS standards.

The Reiko blouse has a cool, summer-sexy back and a flattering cut.

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  1. Kj Murphy says:

    Thanks for the post. I love that Louane dress and the skirt from the Ekyog. Oh — and by the way, we have a green site of our own- not featuring any clothing but we have accessories and health and beauty products! Check out our new site where everything’s green or it isn’t there.

  2. Our daughter is into fashion and I really like what your doing good job!!!

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