Would YOU go braless? Jennifer Aniston Makes the Old "Natural" Trend New Again

Photo via Huffington Post: Jennifer Anniston films scenes for ‘We are the Millers’ in Wilmington, NC. By Chris Watts/INFphoto.com

I’m just going to admit it; I regularly go braless, and I love it. Being a small C cup means that while I don’t exactly feel comfortable jogging sans sports bra (ugh, that sounds horrible), I can totally get away with it otherwise. Usually I wear at least one other layer (a camisole works, those thin “shelf bras” are great, and so is a double layer of fabric in the bust of a shirt) if I’m going to be skipping a bra.

And the more I do it, the less comfortable I am wearing a regular bra. I have resorted to bikini tops and the cuter bralets I find at Lululemon and Free People. That end of the day joy of removing the bra is something I enjoy all day long! The downside is that wearing a bra has become a bit of a torture to me now.

Sharon Stone, Mischa Barton, and Kate Moss (and Jenn Aniston!) are just some of the celebs who regularly go sans over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. While I know for larger busted women it can be downright uncomfortable not to wear one, for me and my smaller chested sisters, I am really thrilled to do away with bras whenever I can.

I don’t want to burn my bras, I just don’t want to wear them because they’re massively uncomfortable. If breastfeeding in public is cool, and we are serious about embracing health and natural body shapes, then going without the underwire if we so desire should be acceptable practice for those of us who feel comfortable doing so. Agree or disagree?

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  1. I love this! It just feels so free and empowering. My big change was going underwire-free, which made a big difference – now I can’t stand wearing underwires. It’s funny how many women feel they need them because they’re so used to them. Thank goodness for sites like Faeries Dance, right?! I often go braless when I’m around the house but haven’t found comfort in doing it while out and about – maybe I should try to embrace it…thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I dont everyday but do most, maybe more of a what am I doing type of thing. I’m at that age that I don’t care as much of what other people say or think and lets face it the attention can be nice.

  3. I do and don’t really see it being that big of a deal. Depends more on where I’m going if I do and lets face it the attention is nice.

  4. Yay! I’ve been going without for a while now and it’s nice that others find it empowering as well. For those who haven’t tried it, give it a go! All you do is phase it in slowly, and you’ll develop the confidence to do away with bras for good. As mentioned for coverups just wear bra alternatives such as camisoles and tanks underneath if you must for modesty reasons.

  5. I decided to go braless at 40 when I started to be more concerned about breast health. I’ve been braless for 7 years now.

    I had to change my wardrobe to wear button/blouses and not anything that stretched across my chest. I wear a blouse and a jacket or cardigan every day, never a top that pulls over the head. This is for modesty. My breasts are very uneven and have always sagged, even when I was young.

    Today I think my breasts are even more sagged, but whether or not this would have happened with a bra I don’t know. I’ve lost a little weight, which probably contributes. However, my breasts are definitely healthier. They were heading toward fibrocystic with discharge if the nipple was squeezed but are now completely soft with no discharge.

    I do wear a ports bra if I’m doing a cardio workout, but otherwise I never wear one. I don’t notice anyone staring at me and there’s very little “jiggle” apparent because of my clothing choice.

    Going braless was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself and I encourage other women to try it.

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  7. I’ve been trying very hard to convince my wife to drop the bra altogether with little success.. She was raised in a small town in Eastern Europe, so she had a very conservative upbringing.

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