September's Whole Living: Focus on Slow Fashion Pioneers Adie + George!

I am SO excited to share with you the piece I wrote for September’s Whole Living – all about one of my favorite topics, Slow Fashion. I interviewed the creators behind the slow fashion label Adie + George (natural dyes expert Sasha Duerr and ecofashion designer Casey Larkin of Mr. Larkin), and reported on how they make their local botanically dyed masterpieces. It’s not only a great read (if I do say so!), but the photographer and designers over at the magazine made it all look so spectacular and really captured the heart of the story visually.

Pick up the September issue to check this story out – as well as some seriously tasty tofu recipes (preceding my story – love that one of my top 10 foods is covered here!), a really interesting analysis of the gluten-intolerance epidemic, a feature on the Green Giants of business, and oodles of other healthy living info and loveliness. (And if you are a subscriber to the mag, the new iPad edition is free….and includes additional content!)

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Starre Vartan is editor-in-chief of and the author of the Eco-Chick Guide to Life.


  1. Oh my, I love the styling! Congrats on the article. I just subscribed to that magazine, so hopefully it will be my first issue!

  2. Erin O'Brien says:

    I’ve been a subscriber since Whole Living was Body + Soul, for many years. Love the magazine, and love its take on fresh, whole and organic living.

    And I LOVED your write-up! I tore it out of my issue so as to archive the article along with all of my other favorites. Now I am more interested in slow fashion and Adie + George, as well.

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