Elevating the Cocktail in Brooklyn


“Foreigner in Chios Island” cocktail by mixologist Christian Ledezma. This cocktail was made with liquor seasoned with a resin gathered from the mastic tree native to the island of Chios in Greece. 

You might not expect to find a Mexican-inspired cocktail menu at a Greek restaurant, but Elia Restaurant in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn pulls it off well.

The Mexico City-born mixologist at Elia, Christian Ledezma, created a cocktail menu that’s an ode to his home country. His cocktail creations combine his love of fresh, organic ingredients, and pair perfectly with the restaurant’s Grecian cuisine.

EC Alchemist Cris

“Alchemist Cris” created by mixologist Christian Ledezma. This cocktail combines Chambord and vodka with fresh muddled mint and lime wedges, finished with organic blue agave.

Christian experiments with seasonal ingredients to push his drinks to the next level.

“I like to add body and nature to our cocktails,” said Christian. “I enjoy creating with fresh, seasonal ingredients. I’m trying to elevate cocktails and bring gastronomy to them. It’s a passion.”

“Ancient Firefly” created by Christian Ledezma. Aged Tequila with tamarind and dried chile morita preserve, fresh muddled organic cucumber and lime juice.

Stop into Elia Restaurant and ask for Christian’s “Greek Lemonade” which has a Mexican twist. The “Ancient Firefly” and the “Alechmist Cris” are my personal favorites.

Regardless of what you order, you’ll enjoy a unique cocktail made with the purest ingredients.

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