Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors for the Conscious Couple


It’s our belief that wedding favors should be sustainable, personal, and practical. If you can send guests home with a lovely gift that’s both environmentally responsible and useful to them, why wouldn’t you?

American Bridal is a leading purveyor of wedding favors and accessories. We’re smitten by their selection of unique, salt of the earth options for couples looking to tread a little lighter on mother earth with their wedding.


Bamboo is an attractive alternative to toxic, non-renewable materials that make up many of the objects around most homes. Because of its short growth cycle and due to the fact that it can be harvested and replenished with little impact to the environment, we’re all about bamboo. That’s why these personalized bamboo coasters will be a useful and awesome favor to send guests home with.


Standard place cards are a massive wedding waste because they wind up heading to a landfill at night’s end. With eco-friendly plantable place cards, you can seat your guests and give them a gift of flowers to take home and plant.


Spread seeds of love at your wedding and give your guests a favor that gives back and won’t go to waste. Opt for these easy-to-grow personalized flower seed wedding favors.


These authentic shell favors double as place card holders and they come with matching place cards. You can urge your guests to take home the shells, and when you mail them a thank-you card, slip in a photo of them at your wedding. The shells can be repurposed as a photo holder!


About Lindsay E. Brown
Lindsay is Eco-Chick's managing editor and head of business development. She served as Director of Communications at the social enterprise CBS EcoMedia for two and a half years and was awarded the “Share the Vision” by the CBS Corporation which recognizes high-performing employees. Lindsay co-created the acclaimed interview series “Heroines for the Planet" which is currently running on Eco-Chick. She has written for Martha Stewart’s Whole Living Magazine, Edible, Cottages & Gardens, Huffington Post,, Livia Firth's, Ecover US, Laura Turner Seydel's blog, and Gather Green. Lindsay was featured on the Veria Living Network as a “voice for the planet’s health” and was named in Ecover’s “30 Under 30″ contest which recognized those who are making a sustainable difference in their local or global communities. Lindsay holds a B.S. in Global Business Studies and Marketing from Manhattan College, and received the 2012 Honors Award for Top Student in RW1 at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

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