Eco Chick Giveaway! Win TWO Cute T-shirts from Designed Good


When I heard about Designed Good (see their story below), I thought they were a perfect fit for Eco Chick and that our stylish, savvy, smart readers would really resonate with their story. So you can check out how awesome their clothes are, they are giving away two tees! Enter in the comments below, by telling us what you like about these recent grad’s project. (And be sure to like Eco Chick and Designed Good on Facebook!)

The Designed Good team!

From co-founder Katy Gathright:

“After my amazing co-founder Imran Khoja and I graduated from Williams College this year, we launched Designed Good with our amazing co-founder. We founded Designed Good as a community where people could find products that meet both their style DNA and their social values and aspirations.

We’re interested in finding that key intersection between design and social good – largely because we believe that products that are designed intentionally have this great potential for solving social challenges. Every week, we pair new products with stories about how they are making a difference, talking about why the product is cause-driven.

For instance, this World Map Tee was designed and printed in Canada by PLB Designs. We featured these shirts as one of our first products after getting to know the designer behind them, Pier-Luk Bouthillier, a graphic designer in Montreal who is inspired by nature and environmental movements – if you look closely, the world map is made of tiny recycling icons. He also uses eco-friendly water based inks and American Apparel shirts for all of his designs. We interview all the brands we work with personally, and PLB was definitely one of our favorites!”


DEETS: You can win the two t-shirts shown on this page (the women’s world map tee AND the blue Designed Good t-shirt) by entering in the comments below why you think this project is so cool. We’ll randomly select a winner from entries made between 11am EST on Friday, October 12, 2012 to midnight EST on Thursday, October 18th. Good luck!

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  1. Allison Tray says:

    Bravo! Caring about social issues and our planet IS fashion.I believe the Designed Good project reminds us that every eco-step matters and when someone compliments me on my gorgeous t, I can remind them that what we do to our planet matters. Each step has a story. What we buy and what our hard earned dollars are spent on matters. Supporting the small businesses that are the backbone of our country matters. Folks should remember that eco-beauty is about cruelty-free which includes our oceans where cleaners, dyes, & synthetics end up. I know I would rather have water-based dye against my pores any day. Thanks to Katy and Imran for standing behind ideas that come from meaningful inspiration. I hope these t-shirts open up a conversation and educate. I just love them. Well done!

  2. Love the shirts and the shop! I hope I win but if not, I’ve signed up for weekly emails and will make a purchase soon!
    Great site!

  3. I think anything that helps get the world back to using natural and healthy ways of production and consumption is always a wonderful thing to hear about!

  4. i love blue Designed Good t-shirt. Cute t-shirt!

  5. domestic diva says:

    I love that they combine great design with social good, and don’t forsake one for the other.

  6. in order to make a statement you have to be catchy, not overly cute and I think these two shirts both have that. Plus I love the name Designed Good. Is it designed well or is the good designed? Both, and that’s awesome.

  7. This is so awesome and cute! I love how good it is for the environment and how great the tops are! I am definitely buying something from here.

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