Why Eco Fashion Matters: Toxic Tanneries to Get You Those Supercheap Shoes, Bags and Belts (Totally NOT Worth It!)

This is where our cheap leather comes from. Is it worth it to pay $5 less for a pair of shoes and contribute to this? I don’t think so. Watch and learn!

And then consider future leather purchases from ethical companies, like Coclico, Cri de Coeur, Patagonia and Naya. They are out there!) Better yet, repair your existing shoes (reheeling and resoling can extend the life of your fave shoes by years), buy second-hand shoes, and raid your friends’ closets (or maybe it’s more polite to hold a shoe-swap) – we all have shoes we don’t really wear, right?

Every little bit really does help.

About Starre Vartan
Starre Vartan is editor-in-chief of Eco-Chick.com and the author of the Eco-Chick Guide to Life.

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  1. thank You Starre. The worth of a town is measured in the shoe & leather repair shops… every good one has one.. from sweet little ‘hoods in Brooklyn to sunny So.Cal. Support your local maker & fixer*!

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