Heroines for the Planet Debut Video: Susan Rockefeller

Susan Rockefeller was the perfect subject for our very first “Heroines for the Planet” video interview. We talked about her film “Mission of Mermaids,” her work with Oceana, how we can take action to help heal our oceans, and she took us through her jewelry collection Mission of Mermaids. You can learn more about Susan and the film in this recent piece on Eco Chick.

Many thanks to Susan for allowing us to film in her NYC home.

Susan Rockefeller
Starre Vartan, Susan Rockefeller and I. 

susan rockmain
Photo: SusanRockefeller.com

A few selections from the Mission of Mermaids collection.

Wraparound Fish Bracelet. $375

Signature Chain. $790

Mermaid Coin Ring. $395

Mermaid Hoop Earrings. $215

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