Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Book Will Bring Your Fam the True Joy of the Season (Laughter)!

What’s better than recycling? Recycling and making people laugh, of course! Which is exactly what you can do with that cache of ugly Christmas (or Hanukkah—yes, they exist!) sweaters out there.

The new book, Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater shows you exactly how to do it (and sometimes how not to!)—or just cracks you up at other poor sweater-wearers fates.

Come on, what kind of holiday-themed comedy is something the whole family can love? Consider this book a stocking stuffer AND entertainment all Christmas week long. And who knows? Maybe the mutual shared amusement this book brings about will get Uncle Bob or Grandma to dig out their most crazy-ridiculous sweater and you can be part of the silly Christmas sweater movement this holiday (you can submit your pic to the site for the book!)

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All images courtesy authors of Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater.

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