Sophia Jane: Jewelry Made with Seeds Sustainably Harvested from the Amazon

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Available at $45.

Respect and preserve are two words that are at the core of Sophia Jane Jewelry. Salomon Aliser, founder of Sophia Jane, handmakes the jewelry from seeds collected in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. Natives of the region — who are paid a fair wage– sustainably harvest the seeds while respecting the natural growing seasons.

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Sophia Jane’s social impact is profound: They provide natives of the Amazon a fair, living wage while respecting and preserving the beautiful and biodiverse Amazon Jungle.

With the holidays just around the corner, these statement-making, responsibly sourced pieces will please any lady on your list.

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Available at $40.


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Available at $25.


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Available at $30.


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Available at $35.


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Available at $25.

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  1. This amazing and creative! We all should help lessen things that affects the climate. I found a website, that helps me keep track of my environmental acts and gives me a list of all the activities that will help the environment. You can share stories there too.

  2. Muito boa a iniciativa de Salomon, é um parceiro nosso no Projeto Amazônia & Cia – que promove o empoderamento de mulheres amazônicas através do manejo dos recursos residuais da floresta. Transformar resíduos do bioma em arte, com beleza e estilo é, sem dúvida um dos ramos da economia criativa que apresenta maior potencial para o desenvolvimento sustentável.

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