Shara Porter Hand Printed and Vintage Bags and Clutches


Shara Porter gives new life to vintage accessories. Under her eponymous company, the designer makes her mark in “hand-printed fine found objects.”

I visited Shara Porter’s booth at the Union Square Holiday Market this past Saturday while doing some Christmas shopping and a gorgeous navy blue vegan bag caught my eye. So I selfishly decided I’d indulge in a pre-Christmas gift for myself. I’m not feeling so bad about the purchase because it looks like I’m not alone.

The National Retail Federation, the dispenser of all holiday-­related data, said that in 2012, nearly 60 percent of shoppers would engage in the practice. 

See. There’s no shame in self-gifting. The only thing really up for debate while I was making this purchase for myself was what stamped object I wanted on this beautiful vegan Shara Porter bag. After mulling over either a honeybee or an anchor for far too long, I went with the bee. (I have a newfound appreciation for honeybees after my experience beekeeping this summer and thought the bag would serve as a lovely reminder.)

sp bee bag
My new, vegan Shara Porter bag in navy blue.

“I have always liked finding discarded items and seeing their potential with some sort of alteration,” Porter told Ecouterre. “I love the hunt—and rescuing items that have been passed along.”

Union Square Holiday Market 2012: Shara Porter
At the Union Square Holiday Market.

Visit Shara Porter at the Union Square market or find their bags of all sizes and styles, wallets, clutches, coin purses, and passport holders at select stores throughout the country.




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