Kotoba: Zero-waste Knits with a Sexy, Modern Vibe


Kotoba is a knitwear company whose mission is to promote “Wholegarment” knitting technology (which translates to zero-waste knitting production, and minimal yarn use). All pieces are Made in the USA (NYC!) and are created so that they have plenty of stretch and mobility, which can sometimes be an issue with knits.


According to their Mission page:

We want to bring attention to social and environmental responsibility in fashion because it has become an issue that affects everyone. With growing concern over the environment and the need for ethical practices in the workplace all over the world, sustainable practices in the creation of fashion is becoming a more imperative and worldly matter.


Their spring collection is colorful, fun and incredibly modern, as you can see above and below. I’m loving the casually sexy vibe and the attention to shapes that is inherent to Kotoba’s DNA.





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