Animal Scarves with a Deep Message from Artist Ying Wu by Sportsmax


I love fashion that makes a statement (and not just one about how chic you look). Which is why I’m so into SportMax’s new Carte Blanche collaboration between Italian curator Ambra Metta and Chinese artist Ying Wu.

“Wu’s work primarily deals with the fact that the world we live in is constantly changing,” says Medda. “The work is somewhat deceiving given that it is highly decorative, yet if you look closer, you start to realize that there is a whole other dimension that brings you back to a starker reality.”


These topically ‘cute’ prints are, according to the New York Times T magazine, “a comment on the unforeseen side effects of unbridled economic growth, a phenomenon that [Wu] has experienced first-hand.” The limited-edition scarves (there are only 1,000) are available at Sportsmax stores around the globe.



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