Recycled Car Part Furniture


rene olivier1
Designer Rene Olivier.

Our friends over at PassSmart inspired us to take a look at those who are creatively repurposing junk into beautiful, one-of-a-kind furnishings for the home. But they’re not just using any old junk. Here are some of the coolest designers who give recycled car parts new life.

The Weldhouse. This company spends quite a bit of time scouring junk from 1950s-1980s cars and trucks with metal surfaces weathered and worn to a beautiful mixture of solid color and patina. They then repurpose their findings into gorgeous, eco-friendly furniture as you can see below.


Rene Olivier. This designer transforms recycled auto tires into fabulous chairs. Olivier was named ‘student furniture designer of the year’ at the Mixology Awards and designed the pieces for her master’s qualification as part of a project investigating movement and response.

rene olivier

Ronen Tinman. Designer Ronen Wasserman creates high-end furniture from old cars. “The way I see it, every scar, every deformation, only adds to the worldliness and wisdom that I try to infuse into each piece of furniture – the final product,” said Ronen.


Ting Home. Inghua Ting masterfully designs and produces luxury products from reclaimed materials. Our faves: Vintage seat belt flooring and wall paneling.


Matt Johnson Designs via Etsy. This side/end table is made with salvaged architectural elements, Walnut table leaves, Spanish cedar, Ford pistons, and GM differential gears.

matt johnson

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  1. Wow. I just want to do this kind of thing every time someone throws out stuff they don’t want, this is amazing. Good job! 🙂

  2. kirsten everett says:

    I just love this kind of thing! I make furniture out of old car parts too. My first project was a cocktail table I made from an old 1969 Ford F250 truck steering wheel and other ford parts. I got such a positive reaction from people I was inspired to make more. Currently Im working on a project using recycled waste tires! Cant wait to introduce them to the world!! Good job people!!! Thanks for giving validity to my “silly little hobby” as its been called.

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