Almond Milk Lover? Then You Have to Try Hazelnut Milk!

hazelnut milk celebration
This is how excited I got when I first tried hazelnut milk, after years of almond milk drinking!

It’s not often that I get THIS excited by a new food, but I was at my boyfriend’s neighborhood health-food store this past week and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Pacific Natural Foods now makes hazelnut milk (and even—oh dreaminess!—a chocolate version).


I was hoping that it was going to be amazing, and—no hyperbole—it is supercalifragilistically, expialidociously delicious. So creamy, so nutty, so perfect on its own, so insanely good with chocolate; I hardly knew what to do with myself.

But of course the first thing I did (besides drink a large glass over ice on a hot day) was obsessionally make my chia pudding recipe with it.


And I love that Pacific’s milk is made from hazelnuts from Oregon (which is where my boyfriend is from too-cute), which means its grown-in-the-USA and supports American farmers-Yay!

I have long loved almond milk, hemp milk, and even soy and oat milks, but hazelnut milk is the best of them all. Dare I say, Alt-milk perfection!

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  1. Just when I was about to make my own almond milk—move in new nut on the block!
    You have made me a bit too excited about hazelnuts. Is this a prescription for disappointment or can I thrive in excitement and then remain thrilled when I actually taste it? Ooo…the suspense is killing me. I’ll have to experiment with some today. Thanks for a totally cute post, Starre 🙂

  2. Audrey See says:

    This brand of hazelnut milk is indeed yummy as i have tried it for my family. But looking through the ingredient list has put me off a bit and i have moved back to drinking almond milk from another brand. The hazelnut milk contains carrageenan. Yes, it might be derived from red seaweed but studies have shown that it causes gastrointestinal inflammation, including colon cancer.

    So i am trying to avoid it when i can. But yes, it is yummy indeed. 🙂

  3. My daughter loves almond milk- will have to give this a try!

  4. Absolutely love this milk !!! I drink a glass every night (it has become my sweet treat ) it is deliciously yummy!!!

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