A Whale Swimming Through the Forest is Beyond Beautiful, Thought-Provoking (Video)

WhaleinForest Video

This incredible video of a whale swimming through a forest is not only beautiful, it makes us think. What if whales were as easy to see as going to your local wooded area? Would we be better at conserving them? Is the fact that they are still under threat due to the fact that for most of us, whales are so far away from our everyday lives and environment? It’s a compelling thought.

This video was made by Gentleman Scholar for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation organization.

The WDC – ‘Safe and Free’ from Gentleman Scholar on Vimeo.

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  1. After watching CNN’s blackfish I now have a completely different perspective on whales and hope that I’m privileged enough one day to observe them in their natural habitat.

    • They are amazing Chandra! I swam with whale sharks in the ocean in Cancun (they are the largest sharks in existence, but are the size of whales) and have gone whale watching once when I was 15 up in Maine. Both experiences changed who I was a bit and how I felt about the ocean….

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