Save Energy this Holiday Season


Dazzling and delightful lights. Cold and cozy winter days. The holiday season is upon us but so too is our struggle to save energy.

Herewith, some super simple energy savings tips for the merriest of seasons.

1. Go with LED. This should be a no-brainer folks. LEDs use 90 percent less electricity than regular lights. Making the switch will save you money on your holiday utility bills, and reduce your impact on the environment.

2. Avoid phantom power. If our friend and eco-friendly decorator to the stars, Robin Wilson, tell us to do something in our home, we do it. Un-plug electronic appliances when not in use such as Christmas tree lights, holiday decorations, cell phone chargers, computer chords, toasters, coffee pots, etc. Put all of your electronics on a power cord and simply turn off the circuit when not in use. Timers for your lights would be a wise move.

3. Turn it down low. When you have guests, turn the thermostat down. The extra bodies in ugly Christmas sweaters will keep your home toasty at no additional cost. Voilå.

4. Buy gifts that don’t waste energy.  According to, 40 percent off all batteries are purchased during the holiday season. Pledge to buy energy-free gifts. (Worth knowing: Your batteries could also be producing hazardous waste. The heavy metals make batteries so dangerous in the environment. Lead poisoning, for example, can result when lead leaks into drinking water or food supplies.)

5. Be fireplace smart. If you have a fireplace, close the damper when you don’t have a fire burning. An open fireplace damper can let 8 percent of heat from your furnace escape through the chimney.

6. Replace lights with non-toxic candles. Illuminate your home with lovely, healthy candles. We’re fond of Mrs. Meyer’s vegetable wax candles. You can even reuse the jar!

7. Look for the Energy Star Label.  When shopping, look for home or office electronic products with the Energy Star label. Replacing old items with energy-efficient models can save over 25 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, and save money on your energy bills. Oh, and be sure to recycle your toxic electronics!

8. Talk to energy savings experts. There’s no better way to save money, reduce your carbon footprint and protect against utility bill hikes than by having energy efficiency experts audit your home. We’re huge fans of the Mark Group, a reputable and international energy savings company that offers a broad spectrum of products for healthier homes.


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Lindsay E. Brown is the managing editor of Eco-Chick, the world's first sustainable living site for women. She created the long-running interview series “Heroines for the Planet” that features groundbreaking women who share courage and a deep passion for protecting people and the Earth. Lindsay previously served as Director of Communications at the social enterprise CBS EcoMedia where she was awarded CBS Corporation’s Share-the-Vision award. She has written for Whole Living Magazine, Edible, Cottages & Gardens, From The Grapevine,,, and for environmentalist Laura Turner Seydel. Lindsay has been featured as an ethical fashion and beauty expert on Z Living and was named in Ecover’s “30 Under 30″ contest which recognized those who are making a sustainable difference in their community. Lindsay holds a BS in Global Business Studies and Marketing from Manhattan College, and received the 2012 Honors Award at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.


  1. Chandra @Del Mar says:

    Another great tip if you’re a ceiling fan owner is to reverse the ceiling fan blades so that they circulate warm air in the room.
    There’s a great tutorial here on how to do it.

  2. Awesome Chandra, Thanks for the tip! I remember hearing that once, but had forgotten about it until I saw your reminder 🙂

  3. I agree with your tips! Using Led is better than using old incandescent bulb, I admit, at first I hesitate to use Led because it might not be effective and just add to my expenses but my husband told me to try even once and It was really working, though not as big as you expect but at least it reduces electricity usage.

  4. We went all LED lights last year and we did indeed save on utilities from the past years. Appreciate the other tips as well. Good stuff!!

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