Curious About Theta Healing, Human Design and Ashiatsu Massage? Cara Joy Breaks the Healing Modalities Down


We all enjoy a good massage, and I feel that it’s part of my self-care and overall health-care routine (I try to go for a massage once a month, but I look forward to the day I can do it more often). But there’s plenty more to natural health care than just massage, yoga and eating healthfully (which are the three things I hear about the most).

My friend Cara Joy, a Burlington, Vermont-based Transformational Healer and Teacher, has explored beyond the traditional healing modalities and received training (and is now practicing) Theta Healing —which uses soundwaves to promote mental and physical wellbeing—and Human Design, on top of her Ashiatsu (feet) massage practice. Check out her video below, wherein she explains, and shows, a bit of how each of them work.


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