AWEAR 2014: Eco Fashion Worn by Stylish Changemakers

Starre Awear 1

I was so honored to be featured on Kestrel Jenkin’s awesome project, AWEAR2014!

What is AWEAR? “AWEAR is a project intended to help inspire us to think about where our clothes are made, what they are made of, and who made them.”

The photos above and below were a fun eco fashion ensemble I put together to go to Portland (and for AWEAR, Day 46).

What am I wearing?

Orange Mohair Cape (vintage from The Salvation Army)
Scarf (by Virginia Johnson, fairly dyed in India by a women’s co-op)
Hearts Cardigan (80s vintage from London)
Dress (by Feral Childe, made in NYC)

Tights (by Gudrun Sjödén, made in Italy with low-impact dyes)
Boots (by El Naturalista, handmade in Spain with vegetable-tanned leather)
Earrings ( By Natalie Frigo, made in NYC from recycled metals)
Knit Bracelet (by Study NY, made in NYC from upcycled textiles)
Metal Bracelet (by Growing Jewelry, handmade in Austin, Texas)

Starre Awear 2

Starre Awear 3

Go check out all the other incredible outfits on AWEAR2014 and follow them on Facebook!

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