Eco Fashion Primer: Amber Valletta, Marci Zaroff, Suzy Cameron “We Are What We Wear” (Video)

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Turns out the actress/model/entrepreneur Amber Valletta (left, above) has a lot in common with me and many of our readers…an early connection to nature. Now she’s using her significant starpower in a variety of venues, to bring attention to reforming the fashion industry.

Hear about her journey towards supporting and promoting eco fashion, from Suzy and James Cameron about the “Red Carpet, Green Dress” project, some useful facts from the head of sustainability at Patagonia, and about exciting new fabrics from Marci Zaroff, founder of Under the Canopy and Portico Brands.

We’re not just what we eat. We’re also what we wear. Host Amber Valletta explains how she got involved with the eco-fashion movement, then visits with some industry pioneers, including Patagonia and Reformation.

Check out Driving Fashion Forward with Amber Valletta – Episode 1: Thread (below):

“Let’s tell a positive story. The fashion industry has the power to do that.” – Amber Valletta

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