JORD Wood Watch Giveaway: For Guys and Girls

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I have to admit something a bit embarrassing— I haven’t worn a watch since college. I just got out of the habit at some point and didn’t go back. And then the lovely folks at JORD Wood Watches sent me one of their incredibly lightweight, beautifully constructed, sustainable wood timepieces (the Fieldcrest style, pictured here in maple), and I’ve hardly taken it off since. It works so well with my style, and it’s size is a perfect accompaniment to a variety of other bracelets and cuffs—as you can see, I like to stack them.

And I’ve noticed that I’m less attached to my phone (something I’ve been working on) since I don’t look at it for the time anymore—a quick glance at my watch instead of digging my phone out, and then getting sucked in by a new email—I am more mindful of the world around me, which is something I’m aiming for!

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Would YOU like to win one of these beautiful watches? If so, see entry details at the bottom of the post. The watch you could win in the same as mine, shown in the images above and below—the Fieldcrest watch in maple finish.

The Fieldcrest series wood watch is designed for both men and women seeking simple elegance. Not an overly large face but certainly not small, it’s an everyday design. Choose from 2 different wood options. The Fieldcrest offers Citizen Miyota movements. Stainless steel hands and hour ticks are complimented by vivid wood grain face.
                              Hardened, Scratch-proof glass face: 30mm diameter
                              Frame / bezel: 39mm diameter
                              Band width: 20mm
                              Lug ends: 45mm
                              Single action locking clasp (stainless steel)
                              Citizen Miyota movement

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How to Win a Fieldcrest watch from JORD: 

You can win a Fieldcrest watch from JORD by commenting on the post below (please use an email address for your comment where you can reliably be contacted as that is how I will reach out to the winner). Tell us what your favorite time of day is in the comment (I like twilight because the light is always blue-purple which is so pretty)! Please like JORD’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter too!  

Contest is open from 05/28/14 at noon PT to 06/03/14 at midnight PT. 

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  1. The time of day I like most changes from day to day. Last week, work was slow and I got to sneak in a 30-45 minute nap in the morning. The cats both slept with me on the couch and no phone calls interrupted me. Last night, however, I got the dishes and the garbage all done, everyone had been sleeping for hours, and I relaxed to a few TV shows before bed. Both were just as great.

    I think perhaps the evening wins out since I enjoy it more often. I am more productive, there are more interesting TV shows to watch, and time to settle.

    Thanks for the chance to win one of these fantastic looking watches.

  2. Wow, I have been looking for a watch and wasn’t happy with any of the options. This one is perfect! I love the first fifteen minutes of the day, before I get out of bed. My dog quietly watches me sleep and the second I invite her up to bed, she snuggles in next to me to smell my hair and get a belly rub. It guarantees a good start to every day.

  3. I like dawn because it is when the sun is rising and it’s pretty

  4. I love 5:00…the end of the work day!

  5. I love early mornings, before everyone else is awake 🙂

  6. Samuel Preveda says:

    I love the cool evening, velvet skies and shiny stars!

  7. I like the Fieldcrest the most because it has classical round design – it’s perfect for work and leisure. I absolutely love it in Maple.

    • And you know what? The best time of the day is early in the morning when you can see the sun rising from the horizon. It makes the nature sparkle in a unique way.

  8. Such a gorgeous watch! Worthy to be featured in my blog (if i’ll get it, hehe)

    My favorite time of the day would be 7:00 in the morning and onwards. For me its a start of a new day, a time to stretch, go for a short walk, to feel the wind blows, and to stuff myself with the yummiest breakky ever. On this time also the sun would greet us all with energy and passion reminding us to live life actively and keep on moving!

  9. Sunrise is my favorite time of day. I’m usually running at this time and no matter the time of year the sound of birds, the beautiful sky, and the overall serenity of the moment never fail to humble me! It is one of the few times I feel alone in the world, a time to quietly reflect. This is juxtaposed with the excitement in the air at the beginning of the day 🙂

  10. Very cool watches! Love them!

    My favorite time of of day is that universal early morning moment when all coffee drinkers take their first sip. There is a quiet camaraderie (and if among others there is sometimes a mutual head nod)… and for at least a few moments of the day, we all mind our own business. It is a quiet moment, personally and mutually enjoyed across the globe.

  11. I love the morning!

  12. Renee Richardson says:

    I absolutely love between 2-4 am. The house is quiet and I love the solitude. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  13. Emily S. says:

    I’m a night owl so my favorite time of day is after dark, usually in the early morning hours between midnight and 2am. When I was young and lived in a rural area I loved it because I could step outside and see millions of stars in the night sky. Now that I live in an urban area I don’t get to see many stars, but I still enjoy the midnight hour because it is usually quiet and peaceful and a perfect time to write, read, or reflect.

  14. Laura S. says:

    I am so attached to my watch! but I must admit I need a new one, and I love this wooden design. My favourite time of the day is late night, after everyone else has gone to bed.

  15. My favorite time of the day is around 6:00… because that’s when I am ending my day at work! Thanks!

  16. hedgehogi says:

    I have always been attracted to late at night because its so quiet and its so relaxing to me. Midnight is about the right time. at gmail dot com

  17. Tiffany Hartwell says:

    My favorite time of the day is around 5-6 when i get to go home from work 🙂

  18. I like this article and very dazzling watch. nice worked

  19. nice post and thanks a lot

  20. totally perfect blog thanks for sharing

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