Object Significance: My Grammy’s Windjammer Mug

While simplifying and minimizing is one way to reduce our impact on the planet (and keep ourselves sane), it’s also important to celebrate those things that hold a deeper meaning. By appreciating what we do have, however imperfect, the world around us gains layers of meaning. This is the first in a series of Objects that have Significance from my own collection of stuff. I invite you to submit your favorite Object for a possible post in this series by emailing Starre (at) eco-chick (dot) com.  

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My grandma Doris, who raised me, and passed in July, 1999, loved to travel. This is the last of her “Windjammer” mugs—always a fave of mine because I loved mermaids as a kid (and still do! I am one, in a way…). My Grammy took several Windjammer trips in her early 60s before I came to live with her. This reminds me you’re never to old for adventure! I’ll be remembering the 15th anniversary of her death over the next few days. Miss you Grammy!

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