Party Time! Sustainable Summer Fiesta This Saturday in Brooklyn



OMG you’re doing a party with a place called Beef Cuts? 
Yes! But it’s just a name. The story is that their first indoor venue nearby on Morgan had a poster on the wall diagramming the different cuts of beef, and they ran with it. Vegetarians and vegans are totally welcome. In fact, while grass-fed burgers are on the menu, they also will have a vegetarian portobello sandwich, and can make it vegan for you. Or you can pop over to the Vegan Shop-Up a few blocks away, grab something tasty, and come right back!
What’s the deal with the reusable cups? 
We’re selling reusable insulated cups for $5 a piece. Totally worth it, because you get free refills on water all day, plus $1 off beer, cocktails (except those in a coconut) and kombucha. We’ll have disposable cups too, but why would you want that? 

You take credit cards?
No, sorry. We’ll let you know the closest places to take out some money.
How do I get there?
Take the L to the Morgan stop and walk three blocks. AND when you leave, we’ll have ten Priuses from GoGreen Ride waiting outside. They’re giving you a $10 discount on their already totally reasonable prices and will take you anywhere you want to go!
Is it all ages?
No, 21 and over. But bring your dog, why not?
What is this coconut drink you speak of?
It’s a Bahamian drink called Sky Juice with coconut water, organic sweetened condensed milk, organic Prairie gin, and a squirt of organic lime juice inside a coconut. But there are only 30 available, so get there early!
What kind of music? 
Daytime electronic music, think happy techno and disco-house. Trust, you’ll be dancing.
Can I smoke? 
It’s outside, so we can’t stop you. But don’t bring your cig on the dance floor. That’s just rude.
What should I wear? 
Dress like you’re going to a summer music festival, including comfy dancing shoes.
Does Beef Cuts do other parties? 
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