Gorgeous, Ethically Harvested Bespoke Wood Plantation Shutters to Transform Your Home


S:CRAFT offers a range of stylish, practical and responsibly sourced shutter solutions ideal for windows, skylights, swimming pools, kitchens, french doors and dividers.

Windows are the eyes to your home’s soul. When dressed appropriately, they allow just the right amount of the sun’s light to enter a space and transform the energy and appearance of every room in your home. But we’re a picky bunch, and not just any window covering or shutter will do.

We’re fond of S:CRAFT’s ethically sourced hardwood shutters because they not only look stylish, classy, and lovely, but because they’re sustainably harvested and innovative; they conserve a substantial amount energy in your home which means you’ll save money in the long run.

These shutters are made from sustainably harvested Paulownia, one of the fastest growing tree species (it can grow up to 20 feet in one year!).

We’re loving the stained range of Fiji plantation shutters which are made from Paulownia, cultivated from sustainable plantations and harvested within 7-10 years (making it one of the world’s fastest growing tree species). Here’s a fun fact: It actually re-grows from the original root ball and is harvested rather than re-planted. Aren’t trees amazing?

Paulownia is a very light, fine-grained and warp-resistant wood making it an ideal shutter that will dress your windows beautifully and last you for years to come. Due to Paulownia’s low thermal conductivity, these energy efficient shutters will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

white teak
The Sumatra Shutters hail from a plantation in the Solomon Islands that protects and preserves the forest and provides full accountability and traceability of this premium timber.

The Sumatra plantation shutters are made of a tropical wood called White Teak – the most versatile hardwood and one of the world’s finest quality timbers. This range makes use of one of the most malleable woods and is ideal for specialty windows with unique shapes and curves.The Sumatra range comes in a variety of 28 custom colors and 20 stained options and, as with all S.CRAFT plantation shutters, a 3-year warranty.

S:CRAFT’s custom-made plantation shutter solutions are available through a carefully curated group of independent professional shutter retailers. You can find a retailer in your neck of the woods HERE.


This post was brought to you by S:CRAFT.

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  1. I love shutter blinds, there is just something about the over all look that tops them off for me, although I have certainly felt the benefit of having them through the warmer and colder months. The shutters in my own home are painted white, but I have to say these wooden shutters are really lovely and have put me in the notion for a restyle! Very informative article.

  2. Evelynn Thurton says:

    I’m really liking these Paulownia shutters. I admit I’ve never heard of them before so this is a shutter of an education for me:) I am in the process of replacing the old blinds in my house and this looks like a great option. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful shutters! It adds character to any space, especially if it has that warm colour. I’m gonna ask my supplier if they have Paulownia. That variety not only looks good on windows, but great for the environment too!

  4. I’ve never really thought much about shutters before but these are absolutely gorgeous! And you are right, they look very classy and it is interesting to read that they’re energy efficient, too.

  5. Now this feels more like the Philippines. A bit high end expensive but homes here use this.

  6. Wow those windows are amazing. I especially love the S:CRAFT. The first picture on this article.

  7. very refreshing place. It gives a glimpse of mixed modern style to every home as it uses wood plantation

  8. Nice idea for window shutters. Something new that I should try and consider. The design is just so artistic and unique.

  9. Wow! I need these hardwood shutters in my life. They’re not only gorgeous and romantic, they can instantly transform the look of the room. They’re eco-friendly too.

  10. Responsibly sourced hardwood is such an important issue for me. The exploitation of indigenous communities and labor by unscrupulous parties is one side and the huge toll on the environment the other. Deforestation and the resulting land erosion has devastated huge swathes of our planet in the pursuit of profit – Companies that proudly display their ethical and responsible credentials will always get my business!

  11. I love this look for the rooms. Simple but elegant. In a way, it’s a little traditional. I prefer this compared to those plastic you hang on the windows. This makes the room very pretty.

  12. Isabelle Two says:

    It really took my breath away. I can just imagine the compliments I would get once I installed these shutters in my living room. Can I order it online?

  13. I have a terrace that is just to big for my tastes and am thinking of making it smaller. However, it had always been very useful when I have guests that I prefer to entertain out there. I think I would go about it by using these shutters as a removable divider of sorts to make the terrace smaller when I have no guests. Love the effect!

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