Walking Around (52th/52)

    This is my last shot for 52 weeks! I loved doing it but I'm also glad I'm done now. I have a lot of stuff that I want to do and for which I couldn't find the time because I was too busy thinking what my next shot would be.

    One of them is taking photos...yes taking photos of something other than me! I started this because I wanted to have a limited scope while being forced to shoot regularly. I can say 52 self portraits really was the right thing to do. I tried my best to come up with creative concepts. I was afraid that without a limited scope, I would try out ideas but not seriously enough, giving up without trying to find solutions to every detail before going to other ideas.

    I'll be making a blurb book with this 52 weeks project and it's going to be available for everyone. Honestly, I'm just making it public because all of the shots are already public. I don't expect to sell any copies apart from the one I'm ordering for myself. If you're interested in a 52 weeks project book, I suggest you check out Lucky's which has some really inspiring and cool shots!

    I'll post an update here once the book is ready (it should be done during the next week or so) in case you're interested in checking out the preview.

    One last thing, I might try and do one self-portrait per month for 2009. I'm still thinking about it and I'm giving myself up to the end of January to decide and start it.

    Update: The book is ready! Here's the book preview on blurb.

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    1. suz or sooze (50 months ago | reply)

      congratulations! yay. you did some amazing work. and actually anyone who takes on a self portrait project is to be admired. i really don't think i could do it. enjoy 2009!

    2. cynroux (50 months ago | reply)

      What a fun pic. Figures, I'd see your last one first.

    3. gomitta (50 months ago | reply)

      so great that u finish, i wanna start, but i think is too much for me haha, good luck withe book!

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    4. DaveCape (50 months ago | reply)

      Great shot! I'm only on week two. I cant imagine the sense of accomplishment!

    5. b*wag (50 months ago | reply)

      LOL! Cool last shot... love it!

    6. ashley virginia (50 months ago | reply)

      Wow, congrats on 52 weeks!! I'm not even half way there... but hopefully I'll make it! It looks like you did awesome with yours! =)

    7. meduks (50 months ago | reply)

      Congrats! and great work!

    8. Athena Carey (50 months ago | reply)

      Great final shot! I know how you are feeling completely - it is a good feeling to be finished and to have some of your own mental time for something else. It's amazing how much time the project takes up - not just shooting/editing, but the conceptualization time!

      I am also going to do a book, but it will take some time to get the photos print worthy. I have been lazy this year with the larger image editing as I didn't do much printing of them at all. I only printed a few of them.

      I am also toying with a 12 month SP project, but haven't committed to it either. I am leaning towards a 12 month NOT ME project, but can't decide a subject...

      Congratulations to you on completing your 52 week project, and thank you for letting me share the ride with you. :)

    9. skippyjon (50 months ago | reply)

      The hardest part is actually committing to it. I've often been tempted to drop or push back my personal weekly deadline (which I've done a bit but not too much) but I was really committed to it even though I would only have been disappointing myself but I was dead set on going through all of it and I would not give up. Once you're committed, you're always thinking a bit about what your next shot will be so even though you don't have the ideas before you begin, you'll find some!

      You should definitely try, just read my comment above ;)

      Thanks for taking an interest. You may have spotted my last shot first but that gives you the opportunity to look only at my good shots and close the eyes on the others now!

      I am feeling great about it although I kind of find it hard to believe I won't be doing a self-portrait this weekend.

      You did an amazing job so far, I don't think you'll have any trouble matching or exceeding the quality of my 52 weeks.

      , Thank you, I'm glad people are still liking some of my shots as I finish this project!

      I've been trying the 24/7 Bokeh Life weekly challenge this week as the theme inspired me and I may do some of the weekly challenges when I feel inspired. The great thing now is that I can decide to take a break when I don't have the time as there's no pressure to have something every week.

      You have to let me know if you find some interesting 12 month project, I might follow you. I'm looking at ways to keep pushing my creativity while not feeling the pressure that's associated with 52 weeks!

      Thank you for your enthusiasm, you've been very helpful and supportive during those 52 weeks, I mean it! And thanks for taking the time to look at my shots and commenting. I must say you've done some amazing work and it was inspiring. Hope we'll still have some interesting photos to share. I'm anticipating the next run of 52 weeks by Lucky, he sure is full of ideas and he's a brave guy for doing this 2 years in a row!

    10. espressoDOM (50 months ago | reply)

      PEACE OUT.... Congrats on finishing 52weeks
      great final photo
      we'd love to have your photo added to the pool.... feel free to join the group and have fun inviting others

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    11. crazyfroglegz [catching flies] (50 months ago | reply)


      I just noticed your done with your 52 weeks... i envy you.....
      cooooooool shot.... love it!!!

    12. f∞lish kamina (50 months ago | reply)

      I vote yes. congrats, and i look forward to your next project.

    13. lakshalperera (50 months ago | reply)

      on the road again, i just can't wait to get on the road again! :)

      congrats man, you've had a great year! besides those moments of doubt you had, you've still come up with some fantastic work.

    14. cacahuete_sr (46 months ago | reply)

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Amazing Self-portraits/Auto-portraits on Flickr, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      wow great shot! i'm a bit dissapointed that I just found your stream after your 52 weeks is over, but i'll be sure to check them all out! :)

    15. skippyjon (46 months ago | reply)

      Thank you, better late than never. I hope you find some other shots that you like ;)

    16. katie mcgarrell (39 months ago | reply)

      I just went through your whole set.
      This is definitely my favorite of all
      the ones of I've seen. Great job (:

    17. skippyjon (39 months ago | reply)

      I like it too and it's definitely in the good ones of the set but there are some that I much prefer over this one. It mostly has to do with how I got the idea for the shot and how well I was able to make it happen.

      Thank you for taking the time to look at that set (which is starting to get old, I really have to start a new project with the new year) and I'm glad you enjoyed some of it :)

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    19. Miss_Smile (12 months ago | reply)

      Hey, man! I just wanna thank you for the inspiration your photo stream has given me! You have many creative shots and your little girl is the sweetest little princess! It's always so touching to see a Dad who loves his little girl this much :)) Keep rocking!

    20. skippyjon (12 months ago | reply)

      Hey, thanks for the kind words. This shot seems to be from a distant past but I'm glad you also like my more recent work (which, I admit, has a big convenience aspect to it).

      Stay curious!

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