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A B O U T   E C O – C H I C K

Eco-Chick is the Internet’s first site covering green fashion and beauty for women, and has been publishing continuously since October, 2005. Starre Vartan is the site’s editor and publisher, as well as author of the site’s companion book, The Eco Chick Guide to Life: How to Be Fabulously Green, which was favorably reviewed in the New York Times Style section when it debuted.

Our main intention is to inspire readers toward a healthier, more sustainable life (which we think means a happier life too). That includes slowing down, unplugging, getting out, going in, making mistakes and moving on, being choosy, doing research, and growing every day. Rest and relaxation are real and important, and so is time with friends and family. We love local food, farmer’s markets, independent designers, handmade everything, and connecting with where our stuff comes from and who makes it. We especially love inspiring women who keep us on our toes and asking questions.

We come from the Earth, and we all return to it. Let’s make our time here as rewarding and amazing as it can be, without using all our grandchildren’s clean water and topsoil in the process. They’re going to need those things too. The birds, insects, redwoods, foxes, bats, seaweed, snails and tigers deserve to be here just as much as we do, and natural spaces deserve to exist for their own sakes, not just to please our eyes or desires. Being an Eco Chick means doing what you can, in your life, to keep all life on Earth healthy and green. With smarter choices, innovations, community action and plenty of love, we can figure it out, do the right thing and have a great time too.

Eco-Chick has been featured in The New York Times (thrice), Elle, Glamour, Whole Living, Self Magazine, USA Today, Huffington Post Live, Marie Claire, Discovery Channel Planet Green, Inhabitant, Christian Science Monitor, Treehugger.com, Ecosalon, and many more.

Eco Chick Escapes, all about ethical and stylish travel for women, is Eco Chick’s sister site, and launched in March, 2011.

Interested in sponsorships or collaborations? Please email Lindsay@Eco-Chick.com.


O U R   T E A M

Starre Vartan, Co-Owner, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher
Starre Vartan is the founder and editor-in-chief of Eco Chick and its sister site, Eco Chick Escapes, all about ethical travel and style. She’s the author of The Eco-Chick Guide to Life (St. Martin’s Press), and an oft-quoted ethical living expert who has been featured in the New York Times (thrice), ElleGlamour and Self magazines.

She is currently a contributor to MNN.com (where her work as the smart consumption columnist is often linked to from partner site CNN.com), Luxurytravel.About.com, MentalFloss.com and CNTraveler.com.  She has written for Scientific American, Marie Claire, New York magazine, Inhabitat, Metropolis magazine, Pacific Standard, Vice’s Broadly site and more.

Starre’s previous positions have included editor-at-large for Coco Eco magazine and contributor-at-large for Martha Stewart’s Whole Living magazine, the Green Guru columnist for Audubon magazine, content editor of Greenopia.com, screenwriter’s associate for projects at HBO, CBS and Discovery, and science writer at Friends of Animals. She holds a BS in Geology and a BA in English from Syracuse University and an MFA in nonfiction writing from Columbia University.

An active ecofashionista, Starre has style edited for Plenty magazine and her own site, Eco-Chick, and coordinated runway shows. She grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York, but now lives in Berkeley, California and calls Sydney, Australia her second home, even though it was her first (as that’s where she was born and most of her family resides). When not writing, blogging, or researching her next book, she is trailrunning, trying to cook, or snowboarding.

You can learn more about Eco Chick founder Starre Vartan, a speaker, teacher and expert in online communications as well as fashion, ethical travel and healthy living by checking out her site.

Lindsay E. Brown, Co-Owner, Managing Editor and Director of Partnerships

Lindsay has spent her career at the intersection of media and social change. In her role at Eco-Chick, Lindsay has established partnerships and campaigns with some of the world’s most-recognized companies committed to sustainability and CSR including General Motors, H&M, Lush, Hyundai, Lexus, Chevrolet, Neutrogena, Johnson & Johnson, Valspar, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Tom’s of Maine, Jane Iredale, & countless others. She co-created the popular interview series “Heroines for the Planet” that features groundbreaking women who share courage and a deep passion for protecting people and the Earth which has been continuously sponsored since 2012. Lindsay is the Marketing and Sustainability Manager at Health-Ade Kombucha and previously served as Director of Communications at the social enterprise CBS EcoMedia. There she directed corporate advertising dollars to the nation’s most effective non-profits tackling urgent social issues in local communities across America and was awarded CBS Corporation’s prestigious Share-the-Vision award. She has written for Whole Living Magazine, Edible, Cottages & Gardens, Huffington Post, EarthHour.org, Eco-Age.com and for environmentalists Laura Turner Seydel and Susan Rockefeller. Lindsay holds a BS in Global Business Studies and Marketing from Manhattan College, and received the 2012 Honors Award at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.


Chrislande Dorcilus, Associate Editor & Writer

Chrislande Dorcilus is a writer from South Florida who loves all things fashion, Avant Garde, and sustainable. She loves the way technology, science, ethics, and fashion can come together to solve problems. She is currently an MA candidate in Fashion Studies at The CUNY Graduate Center.

Haley Sherif headshot

Haley Sherif, Writer

Haley Sherif holds a B.F.A. in creative nonfiction in writing from Emerson College. Born & raised in Manhattan, she’s currently living in Brooklyn pursuing her dream to write. As an eager 14-year-old she joined the Eco-Chick team as its first intern, and several years later she’s happy to be back. Her writing and design projects can be found on her personal site, haleykamilla.com, as well as on The Culture-ist and in Perversion’s June, 2016 issue.


Sarah Schuster, Spring 2017 Intern

Sarah Schuster is a native Virginian with a longtime love of fashion. Since she was young, she has been committed to finding sustainable solutions for everyday needs, from her parent’s garden to her current love of thrift. Sarah currently works as a freelance journalist in Richmond, Virginia, and has been published in local magazines such as Virginia Living, RVA Magazine, and Richmond BizSense. 

P R E V I O U S   C O N T R I B U T O R S


Tess Tabak, Writing Competition Editor

Tess Tabak is a freelance writer living in New York City, currently working as a ghost writer (boo!). She co-edits the Furious Gazelle, an online literary magazine full of fury and good writing. Her publishing credits include Athena’s Daughter’s II and Narrative Northeast Magazine.

For more information visit her site.

Soyo Hong-Main

Soyo Hong, Autumn 2015 Intern

Soyo Hong (b. 1989, Seoul, Korea) is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration. An artist and writer in NYC, she is a regular contributor to digital platforms such as Animal New York, Hopes&Fears, and Ratter.
sophie bench
Sophie Hessekiel, Summer 2015 Intern
Sophie Hessekiel is a writer, comedian, and occasional musician who has fled Westchester to pursue feminism, fashion, ecology and comedy in the far-flung fields of Poughkeepsie and Manhattan. When not interning at Eco-Chick, she is writing and performing with her sketch group at Vassar or deconstructing Taylor Swift and Tinder with her gal pals. She also interns for Wifey.tv and is always on the lookout for great new video content. Sophie is studying English, Film, and Español at Vassar, and she wants to make television when she grows up—or, you know, now. Whichever comes first.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.47.01 PM

Veronica Goin, Autumn 2014 Intern

Veronica Goin is a freelance writer living in The Hudson Valley. She has a BA in English and in Visual Art, because she was incapable of choosing between the two. In her free time, she can be found conducting and photographing vegan and gluten-free kitchen experiments. She likes to hike with her partner, rescue stray cats, get tattoos, collect Stephen King books and vintage dresses, and contemplate feminist themes in everything from Jane Austen to Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She is on a holy quest for the perfect vegan sunscreen.

Veronica shares way too many kitty pictures on Instagram.

And gets overwhelmed on Pinterest.

She also writes recipes on her own site,  Veg Loves GF


Chrislande Dorcilus, Spring/Summer 2014 Intern

Chrislande Dorcilus is a writer living in Brooklyn, and ever proud of the cliché.  She loves feminism, humor, sustainable architecture, and poetry. She hates to love to hate New York, compares bathrooms around the city, avoids the Six train, and misses the ocean. Chrislande is a proud former editorial intern, and blog contributor to the loved feminist publication, BUST Magazine. She hopes to see you at one of their spectacular BUST Craftacular events in Brooklyn this year. She has written for various fashion and media sources online, and is more than excited to delve into the eco-world with “y’all.” 


Juliette Donatelli, Fall 2013 Intern and Contributing Writer

Growing up between New York and Paris, Juliette Donatelli developed a deep love for culture, style and the beat of the city. She’s the founder of spades+siLK, where she writes about the exciting new trends fusing sustainability and fashion. She has lived in Los Angeles and San Francisco, but recently moved back to NYC to be part of all that is happening around local manufacturing and design. Juliette holds a MS in Ecology, and a BA in Globalization and Environmental Science. She is currently writing a book on sustainability in a material world.

Stephanie Rogers, Beauty Editor

Beauty Editor Stephanie Rogers loves to explore beauty products, fashion, architecture and design that’s not just eco-friendly but also edgy, modern and fun. A freelance writer, book nerd and long-time vegetarian, Stephanie has written for EcoSalon, MNN, WebEcoist, WebUrbanist and a number of other culture and lifestyle sites focusing on smart design and sustainability. She lives in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.

Lauren Shalit, Spring 2013 Intern

Lauren is a born and raised New Yorker who recently graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Journalism. She believes that a sustainable lifestyle begins with our everyday foods and skincare products. You can find her either experimenting with natural makeup, baking healthy treats, or shopping at the nearest health food store for organic options.

Haley Sherif, Junior Writer
New York City student Haley Sherif is always on the move. Whether it be in-between classes, events, or a quick run for errands she only feels good when she takes the time to look good. She’s the founder of The Fashion Dish, a fashion blog where she writes daily. She’s also a recent contributor to The Huffington Post.

Liz Blake, Spring 2012 Intern
Liz Blake is a designer of conscious culture and evolved lifestyle, inspiring an awesome future.

She is a graduate of NYU, with a self-designed BA in Holistic Health, focusing in consciousness studies, Jungian psychology, nutrition, and art. She also earned a certificate as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as a Yoga Teaching Certificate, 200 hr RYT. In addition, she is a certified Reiki Master.

After her formal studies, Liz traveled the world exploring alternative lifestyles and ways of being in harmony with the earth. She lived in the Peruvian Amazon and the Sacred Valley, with eco-conscious permaculture communities in Brazil and Jamaica, and moved through the West Coast tribal culture. In addition she is a friend of Growing Heart Farm in upstate NY. Through these experiences, she has gathered an abundance of inspiration for designing a thriving future.

Liz is currently based in New York City. As a chef for Organic Avenue, she continues her study of healing foods while nurturing a conscious relationship with the earth. She offers services as a chef and nutritional coach, focusing on the art of transformation through our relationship with food. She is cultivating her creativity as an artist and writer, interning for Eco-chick.com and guest writing for WakeUpWorld.com.

Emily Piccone, Spring 2012 Intern
Originally from just outside New York, Emily graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in environmental studies and English, and has spent the fall and winter contributing to the Norwood News, a paper focusing on the happenings of the North Bronx. As well, she shoots photos regularly for her blog emilypiccone.tumblr.com.

After almost a year of working on farms and riding in buses through South America, Emily was happy to return to the city’s parks, public transportation and of course its beautiful people.

If you are interested in one of our other writer’s bios, please click below to read more about them and to access an archive of their work.