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3 Do-It-All Moisturizing Beauty Multitaskers


I travel as much as humanly possible, and that means I need products that are great for skin AND hair (both of which, for me, are on the dry side). I used to have many little bottles to throw in my dopp kit, but these days, there are some terrific (and of course, toxin-free, naturally based) products that will work to: tame eyebrows, moisturize your dry hair ends, work as a night treatment for your face, gloss up your lips, and moisturize your heels, knees, and elbows.

I’ve tested the following clean-and-green products this winter and found they all do some heavy lifting, which is ideal for those of us who are constantly on the move and want just that one thing to deal with many needs. Meanwhile, those who are more than determined to look their very best each and every day, they can easily search for options like Microblading near me.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 1.25.11 PM

Tatcha’s Camellia Beauty Oil is a luxurious (and super-effective) wonder; I use it after cleansing (right now I’m enjoying the Camellia Oil Cleanser, which is a real treat too), on my cheeks after I’ve spent time outside and they get dry, and for the ends of my hair, which respond magically to this oil. It contains flakes of 24K gold, which makes you glow…and feel kinda special when you shake the bottle!

Like all Tatcha Products, it’s formulated without mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, parabens, PEGs, PPGs, DEA, TEA, urea or phthalates.


Mineral Fusion’s Limitless Beauty Cream has a loooong list of ingredients—all of them amazing. From an organic sunflower and coconut oil base to goodies like rosehip, argan, cedarwood bark, geranium, olive leaf, borage seed oils and cucumber fruit, stevia, chamomile and calendula flower extracts, they work together in an incredibly skin-loving way (it kinda feels like your skin is getting a delicious hug).

What’s it for? Taming frizzies, as a way-better-than-chapstick lip treat, as an eyebrow-tamer, and as a neck and hand moisturizer. Also on my cheeks sometimes! Really, what do I NOT use it for?

Elemental Herbology Tree of Life Press v7.indd

Elemental Herbology calls its multi-purpose treatment the Tree of Life Balm — LOVE that name! It actually comes from the Buruti tree, a tall palm tree native to the central Brazilian areas in all the Amazon basin. So much of the tree is useful that it earned the name Tree of Life from the indigenous people, who use the (renewable) fruit pulp from the tree as a vitamin A supplement (yes, it’s edible) and to treat burns and skin conditions. The balm contains several other active ingredients and 8 bio-oils, as well as one patented all-natural material:

  • Alaria Esculenta Extract® is an algae from Brittany with anti-oxidant properties that helps to lock moisture into the skin, improve the skin’s barrier function and protect against the environment. It is also proven to lift, firm, repair and deeply nourish the skin.

Kristy Cimesa,the founder of Elemental Herbology is a specialist in holistic medicine who is trained in acupuncture and nutritional medicine and she calls herself “a firm advocate of treating the skin from the inside out.” No wonder this stuff rocks so much—it smells lightly of mandarins and is deeply healing and especially good for chapped skin, really rough elbows and cuticles, and stretch marks.

Go forth and moisturize (naturally) this winter!

Main Image via Flickr User Holly Levy.

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