Mermaids in NYC? Yes! 3rd Annual Ocean Lifeline Mermaid Lagoon

mermaid lagoon

“Once upon a time, in a blue lagoon not so far from New York City, there lived a village full of beautiful Mermaids. Famous for their dangerous beauty and bewitching talents, these mermaids were known the world over for their charms and songs used for luring sailors to their doom beneath the waves. Legend tells that for one night in the deep of summer their lagoon is safe for mortal travelers. They ask only that you make an offering to The Sea, and dance with them…” – Cynthia C Carvajal

Cynthia C Carvajal is the founder and visionary behind Ocean Lifeline. Cynthia’s passion for the ocean shines through her work with OLL. She is dedicated to raising awareness of the destruction of our oceans and how it effects us. According to her, “The Ocean Lifeline mission is to captivate the public interest through the creation of powerful imagery.” She seeks to spread her message through the work of artists who are the “voice of our ocean.” Ocean Lifeline represents artist, photographers and filmmakers whose work focuses on the ocean and marine life, as well as sculptors who use recycled marine debris materials. Prior to her recent show, she collaborated with talented videographers and underwater photographers to create a series of short educational documentaries filmed in Hawaii and New York.

Ocean Lifeline is hosting the 3rd annual Mermaid Lagoon this Thursday in Brooklyn at the House of Yes.

“Come away to Mermaid Lagoon, and an evening of performance, dance, revelry, and song as we dig deep to give back to our oceans. Mermaid Lagoon will increase ocean awareness and support through enchanting performance, interactive art, raffles, games, prizes, and internet contributions. Funds will be donated directly to the local Waterkeeper Alliance, and to ORCA Peru, a foundation that is currently assisting in the research of mass deaths of sea mammals in the South Pacific Ocean. This year the Lagoon mermaids have teamed up with Ocean Lifeline, and hope to bring a feminine, artistic edge to the plight of the world ocean and its creatures. Join them as we remember our connection to the sea, and celebrate its enchantment, mystery, and beauty in a glowing lagoon full of dancing mermaids, projected ocean images, and bio-luminescent sea life.”